The Most Important Vet Interviews that Any Cat Lover Should Own eBook


“The Most Important Vet Interviews that Any Cat Lover Should Own” is a cat-care 101 course that any cat owner should listen to. It features 12 insightful interviews with a holistic veterinary doctor who goes into the essential elements of taking proper care of a cat. From vaccination to proper care for elderly cats, and all the way to dealing with the most common feline diseases, like kidney disease and hyperthyroidism, this set of interviews can help you build a steady foundation for offering your cat the best of care.


“The Most Important Vet Interviews that Any Cat Lover Should Own” is a collection of 12 interviews with a holistic veterinary doctor that makes an excellent Cat-Care 101 course. As any cat owner knows, love is not enough for taking proper care of your kitty. You need to be informed about potential problems and common diseases and how to prevent them. However, getting all of this info in detail from your vet may sometimes be difficult.

This is where “Vet Interviews” comes in. It brings you the answers to a lot of questions you may have from a certified veterinarian and it takes things further. It dives into topics that you may have not thought about just yet, such as how to properly care for an elderly cat or how to deal with cat constipation.

As an involved cat parent, you have to be aware of the potential health problems that your cat might face in order to recognize them when they happen, what to do, but also how to prevent them from happening. Some of the interviews cover hot topics such as cat herpes and conjunctivitis, cat food allergies, cat kidney disease, and hypothyroidism.

They also provide professional tips for litter box problems, which is something that any cat owner out there has dealt with. After listening to the 12 interviews, you will have a broader view of what it means to take good care of your cat. And all the information is reliable precisely because it comes from a doctor.

“Vet Interviews” is available in audio format, but it also comes with a transcript if you prefer to read through the interviews rather than listen to it. Also, $5 of each $27-book purchase will go to Merlins Hope Ragdoll and Maine Coon Rescue in Ennis, Texas.