Shop Cats of New York

“Shop Cats of New York” tells the amazing stories of some of the most charming cats in the Big Apple that are residents in the full sense of the word. Discover New York one cat at a time in the gorgeous photographs and read the amazing tales of these charming felines.


Made by cat blogger Tamar Arslanian of I HAVE CAT, “Shop Cats of New York” introduces 40 amazing cats, each of whom has an enchanting story to tell. The imagery is made by Instagram pet photographer Andrew Marttila and it is extremely impressive.

It presents New York in an entirely new light because the cats are the main characters. “Shop Cats of New York” is Humans of New York meets The French Cat because it describes the city through its furry inhabitants living in cafes, book shops, and yoga studios. Take a look at Floppycat’s review to find out more about the amazing impact that this book has on the readers.

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