PetFusion Reversible Curve Scratcher

PetFusion’s Reversible Curve Scratcher is now called the PetFusion Cat Scratcher FLIP PAD and is exactly what it sounds like – a reversible scratching toy for your cat. The material is appealing and safe and gives your kitty a surface to scratch other than your furniture.


The Reversible Curve Scratcher is a portable, reversible cat scratcher. The cat scratch pad covers the entire top and bottom surface of the scratcher. It’s made of durable, high-quality corrugated cardboard, which I like because it’s eco-friendly and recyclable. Scratching is a natural behavior for kitties – it helps to keep their claws trimmed and it also marks their territory, so it’s better to have products like this rather than trying to discourage scratching altogether. Kitties prefer the feel of cardboard cat scratchers over many other materials, so having something like this available for them to scratch can keep them away from your furniture, carpet, and wood trim.

The cardboard is held in place with a cornstarch glue, so it’s safe for your kitty. PetFusion’s products are some of my favorites – they are good quality and my cats like them. I like the design of this one, and that it can be flipped over to use both sides. It comes with organic catnip you can sprinkle on the cardboard to entice your kitty to use it, but my cats didn’t need convincing and used it on their own. If yours likes catnip but seems unsure about the scratcher, try sprinkling some on the surface.

Here is our arrival video of the PetFusion Reversible Curve Scratcher:


Here is our final review video of the PetFusion Reversible Curve Scratcher:


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