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  • Personalized 3D Engraved Rectangle Photo Block IMG_3386Personalized 3D Engraved Rectangle Photo Block IMG_3386

    Custom 3D Crystal Rectangle from Photo

    The 3D Rectangle Block from Etched Memory turns your pictures into a modern 3D laser engraved optic crystal rectangle block. You can choose the design, you can add text, and customize the block to get the ideal model. You can choose from several sizes and you can also get a LED light base, which makes the delicate details of the 3D block shine.

  • Custom Engraved Night Light IMG_3364custom night lights IMG_3353

    Custom Cat Engraved Night Light

    With a custom cat engraved night light, you get a night light made from a photo of your cat. It has a slim profile and it comes with long-lasting LED lights. This energy-saving night light will create a cozy atmosphere in your room. It is a unique way to celebrate your bond with your cat.

  • Ragdoll Cat T-Shirts Onesies Mugs and Totes in Floppycats StoreRagdoll Cat T-Shirts Onesies Mugs and Totes in Floppycats Store

    Floppycats Apparel

    Floppycats Apparel is a line of unique Ragdoll cat apparel and gifts featuring Floppycats' cats, Charlie and Trigg. Sport your favorite Ragdoll cat faces on onesies, coffee mugs, t-shirts and more.

  • PawNosh Cubby Mini Aqua

    PawNosh Cubby Mini Glass Pet Bowl

    The PawNosh Cubby Mini Glass Pet Bowl is a beautiful glass cat food dish. It is heavy enough to prevent your cat from pushing water and food around the floor, but light and small enough to easily pick up.


  • Photo on Canvas

    Personalized Pet Canvas Photo Print


    The personalized pet canvas photo print features photos of you and your pets printed in high resolution on high-quality canvas paper

  • CanvasDiscount Premium Photo Blanket IMG_0214CanvasDiscount Premium Photo Blanket IMG_0222

    Personalized Pet Photo Blanket


    This personalized pet photo blanket is an ultra-soft blanket that you can print your own pictures on. You can have a blanket with your favorite picture of your pet.

  • Pet Remedy USA Giveaway Floppycats Package March 2016Pet Remedy USA Giveaway Floppycats Package March 2016

    Pet Remedy

    Pet Remedy is an all-natural cat stress reliever. It can be used on many different animals, and is popular with trainers, boarders, and professionals.

  • PetFusion Reversible Curve Scratcher both sides

    PetFusion Reversible Curve Scratcher

    PetFusion’s Reversible Curve Scratcher is now called the PetFusion Cat Scratcher FLIP PAD and is exactly what it sounds like – a reversible scratching toy for your cat. The material is appealing and safe and gives your kitty a surface to scratch other than your furniture.

  • Floppycats Ragdoll Cat Calendar 2023 Cover

    Ragdoll Cats Wall Calendar


    The Floppycats 2023 Calendar is a 9″ by 12″ calendar for 2022 featuring photographs of lovely Ragdoll cats. Each month comes with its very own Ragdoll cat patron. The price for one calendar is $24, but if you purchase 2 or more calendars, the price is $20/ea. It is now available for pre-order and all orders will be fulfilled starting the first week of December.

  • Wisdom Panel Complete for Cats DNA Test Breed

    Wisdom Panel Cat DNA Test

    Learn everything you could want to know about your cat’s genetic makeup with the Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test. Following a few simple steps at home, you’ll be able to find out your cat’s breed breakdown, genetic traits, and potential genetic conditions too.

  • Blackhole Catch The Tail Cat Toy  IMG_4477Blackhole Catch The Tail Cat Toy  IMG_4477

    Blackhole Catch The Tail Cat Toy

    The Blackhole Catch The Tail Cat Toy is an interactive cat toy that will engage your cat to play without you having to participate. It is an excellent toy for cats of all ages and it comes with 5 speed settings, as well as a squeaking mouse sound to make it even more attractive to your cat. It is compatible with a wide range of surfaces – such as wooden floors or carpets, but it can also be mounted on the wall.

  • RompiCatz Adjustable String Wand with Attachments Bug Mouse CrinkleBallRompiCatz Adjustable String Wand with Attachments Bug Mouse CrinkleBall

    RompiCatz Adjustable String Wand

    The RompiCatz Adjustable String Wand lets you mix your play styles with a cord that can easily change lengths and multiple toys. Pick your cat’s favorite, or buy all three to give your kitty a varied playtime.