Flea-eX Flea Treatment for Cats

Flea-eX is an all-natural flea and tick spray that is suitable for use on cats and kittens. It attacks fleas directly and also works as a flea deterrent without any harmful chemicals that could negatively impact the health of your cat.


Flea-eX is a spray bottle measuring 4 fl oz (118 ml). It’s made using a proprietary blend of plant extracts and can be applied directly to your kitties, or used on furniture around the home, including your cat’s bedding and blankets.

It’s 100% non-toxic and non-corrosive so it won’t harm your cats at all. Unlike some traditional flea medications, it doesn’t include the ingredients that can sometimes cause seizures, vomiting, and respiratory issues in cats.

It can be used to immediately relieve fleas – simply spray it onto your cat, keeping the spray away from their eyes, nose, and mouth areas. The spray will work to kill the fleas already living on your cat. If your cat doesn’t allow you to spray them, you can apply it to a brush or your hand and rub it into the coat that way.

The spray also works as a flea deterrent. Spray onto the moist areas of your cat’s body – the paws, neck, and genitals – once per month to help prevent fleas from taking up residence on their body, forcing them to look elsewhere for a host.

When used on furniture and bedding, it should be mixed with water – 1 oz of spray to a half-gallon of water and then sprayed onto surfaces as needed.
As well as deterring fleas and ticks, the spray also works as a mosquito repellent. The spray is suitable for use with dogs, too.

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