Wisdom Panel Cat DNA Test

Learn everything you could want to know about your cat’s genetic makeup with the Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA Test. Following a few simple steps at home, you’ll be able to find out your cat’s breed breakdown, genetic traits, and potential genetic conditions too.


The Wisdom Panel DNA kit is something you can easily use at home. You’ll be sent some swabs that you need to roll around in your cat’s mouth to collect a DNA sample, and a box with pre-paid shipping to return it.

Once it’s back with the experts at Wisdom Panel, they’ll analyze your cat’s sample and send you a link to an online breakdown that tells you a huge amount of information about your kitty.

The kit is straightforward, with clear step-by-step instructions on the packaging to walk you through it. You’ll then get your online report in 2-3 weeks.

There are 45 health tests run as part of the service, which can identify genetic conditions and potential medical complications that your cat might face. You can discuss this information with your veterinarian to see if there are any lifestyle or diet changes that may help prevent issues later in life.

The test can also tell you your cat’s breed with a mix down to 1%. Find out if your cat is a purebred or, if not, which breeds are present in its DNA.

The testing kit will also tell you some of the physical traits your cat has, and what their blood type is – which is useful to know if they ever need a transfusion.

If you want to find out more about your cat’s breed history or any health conditions they may be at risk for, the Wisdom Panel Complete Cat DNA test makes finding out really simple.

The Best Cat DNA Test: Wisdom Panel Review – Find Out if Your Cat is Purebred

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