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Adored Beast’s Healthy Gut supplement helps to improve the overall health of your cat’s digestive system. It includes a blend of pre and probiotics to help fight the ‘bad’ bacteria in your cat’s gut, along with enzymes to aid in breaking down foods. Adored Beast Apothecary Discount Code FLOPPYCATS (One per customer, no expiry) gives you 10% off your order.


Healthy Gut is a supplement from Adored Beast that helps your cat digest their food and maintain a healthy immune system. It’s 100% natural, includes no parabens, and is gluten-free and a non-GMO product.

It’s available in two sizes – a 41g(1.4oz) jar and an 83g (2.8oz) jar. The recommended dose for a cat of any size is 1/16 teaspoon per day, meaning the 83g jar will last 560 days.

The supplement contains three main ingredients. The first is a multi-strain probiotic blend that helps to improve the immune response of the digestive system. Using lactic acid bacteria lowers intestinal pH, which helps to create a barrier against any infectious bacteria, while also adding allergen-free colony-forming units (CFU), which can repopulate the digestive system with ‘good’ bacteria.

The second ingredient, papain, is a proteolytic enzyme derived from the papaya fruit. It helps the body to break down protein-rich foods such as meat and helps to ensure that your cat’s digestive system is working at its best. It also helps to fight parasites.

The last ingredient is a prebiotic derived from the larch tree that helps to boost overall colon health. It can stimulate immune responses and also helps to block the metastasis of any cancer cells, so it is often recommended alongside cancer treatments.

The supplement should be added to your cat’s food once per day.

Interview with Julie Anne Lee of Adored Beast Apothecary

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