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A cat carrier is an important item to have, whether you think you will need it or not. To keep your kitties safe on car rides to the vet or elsewhere, you need to have them in a carrying case. There are so many different options to choose from- very basic hard pet carrying cases to soft, duffle bag type cases. There are even pet strollers available so you can take your kitty with you on the go without having to carry a heavy case or fight a kitty on a leash or scrambling inside a carrying cage. We have reviewed a few different cat carriers and strollers on Floppycats and tried them out with Trigg and Charlie, and sometimes my mom’s or sister’s cats. Sometimes it is nice to be able to get a feel for how easy the product will be to put together, clean, and how large it is in relation to a cat before you purchase the item. You can find the review and unpackaging videos for the cat carrier products I have reviewed on the blog posts I have written about the items. A good carrying case for you will depend on what style you like, how easy it is to clean, if you have a very anxious cat or anxious traveler, if you have mobility issues, and if price is your bottom line.

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