Marchioro Clipper Cayman 3 Cat Carrier

These are some of the best cat carriers I have used- they are easy to take apart to clean or to get your pets out at the vet without adding extra stress. My mom has had hers for over eight years, and they are still in great shape!


The Cayman cat carrier is a hard-sided pet carrying cage. They are very durable, easy to clean, and easy to carry. It comes in different sizes, so you can choose which size you want depending on the breed and build of your kitty. (See my review video for a visual of my mom’s Cayman 2 and Cayman 3 carriers so you can compare.) One of the best things about this particular style of cat carrier is how easily it comes apart and goes back together once assembled. You don’t have to take little pins out from all over the carrier, which means fewer pieces to lose.

This one has handle-like clickers that hold the top and bottom pieces together so you can take the top off without a lot of hassle. Vet trips are also less stressful with this carrier because you don’t have to make your cat more anxious by reaching in through the front to try to get a scared kitty out of the back. Some reviewers have said they are a bit difficult to assemble (if your order online they will come unassembled). I’ve put up a video on my review page for this carrier so you can watch me assemble one, in case you need tips or a visual aid. Some of the pieces do take a little strength to put together, but overall the assembly is fairly simple.

Here is the review video:


Here’s Caymus getting acupuncture and you can see how this is a collapsible cat carrier that allows your vet to access your kitty while not moving the kitty:


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