Sleepypod Air Cat Carrier

The Sleepypod Air Cat Carrier is a cat carrier for airline travel. This portable cat carrier fits under seats on planes so you can travel with your kitty.

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The Sleepypod Air Cat Carrier is a revolutionary cat carrier. It can make traveling with your companion animals stress and worry-free. This soft structured cat carrier meets airline under seat requirements so that you can travel with your cat and don’t have to worry about her in storage, or home alone. This duffel bag cat carrier holds cats up to 17.5 pounds and small dogs up to 15 pounds. It folds, has large zippered pockets to carry any pet travel necessities right along with your pet, and a pass-through pocket with a telescoping handle to make it a rolling cat travel carrier. The top and both ends of this cat carrying bag open, and are made with a breathable dark mesh material to keep your kitty comfortable and safe while traveling. The carrier weighs about 4 pounds, with bedding in it. This would be a great product for people who travel often, for people who have service animals, as a gift for a pet lover, and for people who have trouble carrying their pet carrying cage. This bag does take a bit of set up when you take it out of the box, and before you put your cat inside, to get the seams and sides in their proper positions.

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