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  • Litterbox pet food mat Pet Food Mat currently comes in 4 colors

    Cat Food Mat

    The Pet Food Mat is a valuable accessory that will protect your flooring while providing a soft surface for your cat’s paws while it eats and drinks. It is made from food-grade silicone, is easy to clean, and comes in 4 different colors. In addition, this mat captures any spillings from your cat’s food and water bowl, keeping your floors clean at all times.

  • PawNosh Glass Pet BowlsPawNosh Cubby Bowl

    PawNosh Glass Pet Bowl – Cubby

    I adore these bowls – made from recycled glass and made in the USA. We use them every single day – they are so beautiful. Use PawNosh Coupon Code FLOPPY10 to receive 10% discount on all purchases.

  • Woopet cat food mat pet placematThe WooPet! Pet Food Mat

    The WooPet! Pet Food Mat

    The WooPet! Pet Food Mat is a non-slip cat food mat to protect your floors and prevent pet food messes. This mat is not something I would have bought on my own, because I have never seen the need, but I ended up really liking it.