One of the things that is known for are our cat product reviews

Reader Jackie said, “I really like your reviews as a subscriber because they cover quirks, nuances, and features and are thoroughly reviewed with qualitative and quantitative research and opinion, by end of the review videos I feel like I’ve lived with the product for a while.”

We are always looking to review cat-related items, but sometimes manufacturers are reluctant to work with a cat blogger.  So, we asked the folks we have already worked with if they would write a review about their experience with us.  Please read below to learn more. 


PawNosh Cubby Bowl

I am a co-founder of a small business called PawNosh. We are dedicated to the design and production of beautiful, non-toxic, domestically-produced pet bowls fashioned from 100% recycled glass. Our product fills a new niche in the marketplace for the needs of the consumer who wants to provide their pets with a safer and more sustainable material for use with food and water. Because there is a lack of education around the need for this product, our company has faced some hurdles in getting our name and message out there. Our collaboration with Jenny Dean at has been invaluable in disseminating important targeted information to our potential customers.

Jenny contacted me back in November 2013 with interest in reviewing our bowls. I declined at that time but when she contacted me again in February of this year, I decided to do more research and better understand what her points of difference were. The most important thing I learned was that Jenny offered clients the feature of arrival video and review video, posted not only on her blog but also on YouTube. For us, this unique benefit was exactly what we were looking for. Our products are at their core works of visual art, and as such they ship with beautiful packaging. Neither of these key features about our bowls could be appropriately communicated in photos or words alone. Jenny’s arrival video feature gave customers an extensive look at exactly what they could expect when they initially received our package. Her excitement about and enthusiasm for the product were also genuine, and she addressed the elephant in the room regarding price point in an honest and forthright fashion. Her later video featuring her gorgeous cats Charlie and Trigg also humanized our product in a way that photos also cannot do.

We had great success with Jenny’s videos and her formal written review. We enjoyed a dramatic uptick in our online traffic and sales in the days and weeks that followed her post. In fact, months later, we still get purchasers who have seen Jenny’s reviews of our bowls. These purchasers are both domestic and international. Jenny’s large number of followers are Ragdoll and general cat devotees, people for whom nothing is “too much”. The ragdoll customer on a whole is an individual who takes great pride in their pet. Therefore, her audience is exceptionally captive and receptive to new products. Jenny also receives many, many products to test and review and many in the community see her as a trusted resource to honestly evaluate product options. In my experience working with Jenny, I now am not only a client but I am also a loyal follower of her reviews. If I am in the market for a new product or I am comparison shopping for a specific item for my cats, I will almost always search her video reviews for opinion and the unique perspective of the videos.

I also believe Jenny does not endorse or review products in which she does not have genuine interest. This is noteworthy in a world where bloggers will review and give voice to anything and anyone if compensation is granted. In my experience Jenny has always been honest and upfront in her intention and action.

I am looking forward to continued collaboration with Jenny as we continue to expand our product offering.

Sachi Ushihara, PawNosh

Felix Katnip Tree Company

Felix Katnip Scratching Beam

Felix Katnip Tree Company Scratching Beam Product Review 4

After designing a new cat scratching post for our company, I was looking for a way to promote it in front a large audience. I did some research on who the top cat bloggers were and Floppycats was on that list. I checked out Floppycats’ website and Facebook page. I was pleased to see how professional they were, as well as the large following they had (over 47,000 monthly website visits and over 32,000 Facebook followers).

I contacted Jenny about doing a product review and received an immediate response. Her product review and ad rates were extremely reasonable, so I decided to do both.

Jenny’s product review was broken into two phases, an arrival video and a final review about a month later. The arrival video was great as it informed the viewer how the product would be received as well as the ease of assembly. The video was very thorough and included the reactions of her own cats.

The final review was fantastic, as it included her personal thoughts on the product, as well as how her cats interacted with it over the past month. The final review included a video and photos of her cats playing with the product.  It also appeared on YouTube and Floppycats’ website and Facebook page.

Since the review I’ve received an increase in sales and inquiries from around the globe. For anyone who is interested in getting an honest and well thought out review of their product, as well as a large amount of exposure, a review by Floppycats is a great deal!

Stacey Werner, Felix Katnip Tree Company


CatGeeks ComfyCat Cave Felted Cat Cave Product Review 2

Product reviews themselves can be a beast to wrangle, but having already been a subscriber to their YouTube channel, I knew the quality of Jenny’s review was something I wanted to use to showcase the CatGeeks ComfyCat cave. The service included an arrival video and a product review video as well as a write up and ad spot on the website, and I believe the service was an intelligent marketing move that I have not had any regrets on. The arrival video was longer than I expected because Jenny made sure to capture the genuine interaction of her Ragdolls with our product. This gave her readers and our potential customers a really good experience and our sales volume spiked incredibly during this time period. Jenny has a really good appreciation for her partners as well as a vast experience of complementary products to service her readers while creating a strong feedback-based experience.

Between the arrival video and the product review, the ad spot on was having issues and we received no traffic during a short period of approximately two weeks. Jenny noticed this issue and notified me directly of the attempt to fix the ad. In what was supposed to only be a 30 day ad spot, Jenny extended out the ad for an additional month, at which time we received a steady traffic with strong conversion rates of readers. Jenny was extremely professional and I had an incredible experience of partnership since our business has started. She has since created a complimentary video to test the features of our product per request of a reader as well as given the ComfyCat a prime spot in the 2015 Floppycats Holiday Gift Guide. To any other organizations interested in working with Jenny, I highly recommend the experience and the partnership. We look forward to working closely with floppycats as we release additional products in our line.

Blake Watson, CatGeeks

EZ-Groomer Pet Shedding Comb

EZ-Groomer Pet Shedding Comb

I recently had my product reviewed by Jenny Dean at She did a very professional and thorough job of showing the attributes of my product. Her review definitely improved my business, so if you have a pet product that is worthy of being in the pet product market, I would recommend that reviews it.

Ken Ticehurst, EZ-GROOMER

Cuddle Clones

We had a very positive experience having our product reviewed by Jenny reviewed our “Cuddle Clone,” which is a stuffed animal that looks like your pet. One of our biggest challenges is communicating to our customers how to order this product. Jenny was able to break down our multi-step process and expertly let the audience know what they needed to do and consider through each step. Through the other associated blogposts and review video as well, Jenny created engaging content that answered the questions our customers ask us most frequently and informed people of our product in a manner we are happy with. Through the many different posts on and across all major social media channels, we saw that the audience was very engaged and questions were being answered by Jenny accurately and timely.

Based on our internal standards, the review was a success, and we are currently planning additional products to be reviewed by

Brett – Director of New Programs Development, Cuddle Clones

Cat Power Tower

Cat Power Tower Modern Cat Tree Review with Ragdoll Cat Trigg

Jenny’s review of our product, the Cat Power Tower, has been the single most effective marketing move we’ve made. Her two review method (an arrival review and a final review) was especially effective with our product as she did a very thorough job in the arrival review of showing how our product arrives and how it’s assembled. The arrival video has received a tremendous number of views (almost 30,000 in 5 months) and continues to receive 100-200 views per day. I’m confident that it is not coincidental that so many customer photos we’ve received lately have Ragdoll Cats on their Cat Power Tower!

Additionally she’s fair. She’s fair to her readers and to the manufacturers. If you produce a quality cat product that enhances cats’ lives, you can be confident she’ll give you a fair shake. If not, you may want to reconsider sending your product. To maintain credibility and trust with her readers, she does not give rubber stamped positive reviews. However, if she doesn’t like your product, she will not publicly bash you, she simply won’t review it.

Andy, Cat Power Tower

Purrfect Claw Clipper

Our story is different from typical pet businesses.

We invented Purrfect Claw Clipper for love of a little cat we adopted. Emma would get hysterical when we handled her paws, and cutting her nails was impossible. After months of scratches and shredded furniture, we thought of a simple solution: a guard that modifies a human nail clipper to protect the nerve and vein in a toe from the cutting blades. Six months of research and tests yielded a working prototype. In a few weeks Emma learned that our clipper didn’t hurt her paws. We eliminated her anxiety because Purrfect Claw Clipper never cuts into her “quick,” leaving no fear and bad memories of nail trimming.

Our love and compassion for animals extends beyond our household, so we set up a website to offer our clipper to all pet parents who can’t get near their cats’ claws or those who are afraid of causing them pain by inadvertently cutting into the quick.

A Floppycats reader asked Jenny about Purrfect Claw Clipper, and she contacted us for a sample to review. What blogger goes out of her way to solicit a product to respond to one customer inquiry? Jenny did, which emphasizes her commitment to “connect, share and inspire other cat lovers around the world.” She is fair and open-minded about the myriad of products she reviews, even when it’s a small tool invented by two seniors.

We found Jenny’s review to accurately demonstrate and describe features of our clipper, among them: it takes off just the tip, one person alone (rather than two) can cut the nails, getting the nail in the guard opening is easy, the guard accommodates even large claws, it’s easier to use than other claw clippers, it cuts without exerting a lot of pressure that bothers the cat, and the small size is not intimidating to cats. Kudos also to the lovable Charlie and Trig, who confirmed that cats react calmly to the clipper and that it does not cause pain or bleeding. Jenny’s review and YouTube videos gave us invaluable access to many caring pet parents in the U.S. and overseas.

Beyond reviewing Purrfect Claw Clipper, Jenny has customized packages to fit our tiny advertising budget. We don’t use social media, and Jenny has included posts so we can spread the word to a younger generation. We highly recommend Jenny and to everyone who loves animals and wants to improve their lives with thoughtful products. This site is the first that we visit before we purchase anything for our two cats.

Rose and Tom Becker, Purrfect Claw Clipper

PawSwing Automatic Cat Groomer

Jenny Dean of Floppycats is an exemplary creator whom I have had the pleasure of working with. Her professionalism and sense of responsibility are truly commendable. Not only does she provide exceptionally detailed review feedback, but she also serves as a great source of inspiration in various aspects. Her profound love for cats and extensive knowledge in the field are truly exceptional.

Lexi for Sagi2, a review for PawSwing