10 Ridiculous Things People’s Cats Accidentally Conditioned Them To Do

Pet owners, like parents, can find themselves unconsciously adopting behaviors that ensure the safety and happiness of their pets. With their often strange habits, cats especially have led many pet owners to pick up several actions through no fault of their own. When asked what people’s pets have accidentally conditioned their owners to do, felinophiles had all sorts of answers; here are ten of the funniest and sweetest. 

1. Playing Fetch With a Cat

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One respondent says that when they first got their cat, they would throw her toy mouse across the room to ensure she would not sit on their laptop while they did work. But over time, this developed into full-on games of fetch as the cat would pick up the thrown toy and return it for more play. So now, the cat actively brings the toy to the owner so that the two can play fetch. 

2. Shuffle Feet In The Dark

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One cat lover says they now shuffle their feet while walking around their home in the dark. It’s a habit they picked up to ensure they don’t accidentally step on their black cat.

Other cat owners raise a chorus of the dangers of their sometimes invisible friends, with one noting that their cat has taken to running away when the lights are off to ensure their safety and another saying that they adore the glow-in-the-dark collars they discovered. 

3. Waking up Earlier and Earlier

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Kittens are not known for their excellent boundaries. One commenter says that when they first got their kitten, he would wake the owner up fifteen to twenty minutes earlier every morning so that he could eat breakfast earlier. It wasn’t until the last day of the week that the owner realized they were waking up at 4:30 in the morning.

4. Catching Hairballs by Hand

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One devoted felinophile says their beloved long-haired cat who sleeps on the bed with them coughs up hairballs while they sleep. These nightly hairballs have conditioned them to a point where instead of attempting to avoid the vomit and hair, they simply hold out their hand, catch it, throw it away, wash their hands, and return to bed. 

5. Flat Sleeping

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Another owner who wants to give their cat everything they want says that they have become a back or stomach sleeper after being a side sleeper for years. The switch was motivated by their cat, “who loves her human bed.”

6. Sleeping With Legs Apart

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More than a few users agree that their sleeping habits and positions have changed to accommodate their feline friends. For example, another of them says that they now sleep with their legs “a cat-length apart” to make room for their cat to sleep between them. 

7. Always Sleeping With a Blanket

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Another cat owner says that their cat’s love for sleeping on top of human-covering blankets has led to a situation where no matter what, the human has to sleep with blankets. So now, even if it’s swelteringly hot, they have to put up the covers so the cat can cozy up on top, or she’ll get upset. 

8. Needing a Bathroom Buddy

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From the bedroom to the bathroom, one cat owner says they’ve become accustomed to waiting in the bathroom doorway for their cat to join them. They say that they’ve become so used to having him as a bathroom buddy that they’ll look for him if he doesn’t come running. 

9. Leaving the Toilet Seat up for the Cat

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Another respondent shares that they have also changed how they use the bathroom after getting a cat. Their cat doesn’t use a litterbox for peeing and will either pee in the sink or the toilet, but the cat only uses the toilet when the seat is up. So instead of the toilet seat going up or down for a significant other’s benefit, it stays up to ensure the cat can pee comfortably and cleanly. 

10. Putting Ice in the Cat’s Water

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One respondent recalls a story about their father’s relationship with their family cat. They say their dad would place ice cubes that had fallen on the ground into the cat’s water to ensure the ice didn’t go to waste. But eventually, that led to the cat demanding ice in her water and not drinking it unless it was properly chilled. 

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