Really Great Cat Litter

Really Great Cat Litter is a new lightweight litter on the market from tuft and paw. This low-tracking, dust-free litter is made from just five ingredients – soybean fiber, corn starch, corn flour, guar gum, and charcoal.

Really Great Cat Litter Tuft and Paw

As you can see in the photos, it is a pellet-based litter that is easy on your kittens’ or cat’s paws. According to the manufacturer, it is completely non-toxic and safe with no harsh chemicals used.

Really Great Cat Litter Tuft and Paw Litter_Cove_Willow_Paws

Many of the reviews on the tuft and paw website reported that it’s the best litter yet because of its excellent odor control, and because it’s super-absorbent. People have mentioned in reviews that it has improved the overall fragrance of their home since switching, although that’s just from a lack of cloud that you sometimes get with other clumping litters – this one doesn’t use artificial scents or perfumes.

It’s also a top pick because it’s low tracking and the formula is low dust too, which means for a much more tidy cat than you may have with a clay litter – no need to vacuum a load of stray granules or pellets from the surrounding mat like you might get with some clay cat litters.

Since Really Great Cat Litter is made mostly of soybean fiber (a byproduct of the soy industry) it is sustainable because the soybean fiber is being repurposed into this clumping cat litter rather than going to a landfill.

Really Great Cat Litter Tuft and Paw Litter_Cove_Scoop

Really Great Cat Litter completely disintegrates in water, allowing you to safely flush it down the toilet, if your municipality allows it to be flushed. It will clump together with the smaller amounts of moisture from your cat’s urine but then break down fully in the larger amount of liquids in the toilet. This should ensure easy cleanup since you don’t need to keep dumping used kitty litter in the trash.

You may just need to break apart some of the larger clumps with a scoop first. They also say you should only flush the feces of indoor cats, to avoid any issues with Toxoplasmosis from cats that may have eaten infected raw meat.

Really Great Cat Litter Tuft and Paw Litter_Lifestyle_Flush

According to tuft and paw, usually one bag of Really Great Cat Litter lasts one month per cat. Of course, this is always going to vary depending on the size of your pets, their diet, their age and output, etc. So while it’s subjective, it’s typically 1 bag per cat per month.

The manufacturer does say that it’s not recommended for use with automatic litter boxes, and that they don’t accept liability if a cat owner uses it with one and it results in damage, so just be aware of that if your kitties use any of the automatic cat litter boxes that are out there.

The litter can be purchased 1 bag per month or save 10% and get 3 bags every 3 months. Both are autoship options, but you are welcome to cancel at any time. Shipping is free and it’s a beautiful thing when cat litter is delivered to your door.

Buy Really Great Cat Litter from tuft + paw:

  • Buy on tuft + paw and use tuft + paw coupon code “RGCL20” for 20% off subscription (first order in subscription)
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  1. Anonymous says:

    is the packaging eco friendly

  2. Ann Marie Taylor says:

    Just what my 7 rescued kitties need to make life better for me and them.

  3. Patti Johnson says:

    TYSVM for this pawesome giveaway opportunity, Jenny honey & tuft + paw Folks! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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