Fresh Is Best Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Fresh Is Best is a company that specializes in freeze-dried pet foods and snacks. They work hard to source the freshest ingredients, including raw meats and appropriate fruits and vegetables, before slowly freeze-drying everything in a process that helps to preserve all the goodness while also making it suitable for shipping.

Cats are carnivores and don’t need any grains or other starches that many pet food companies use to bulk up their pet foods. Fresh Is Best never adds these unnecessary grains to their meals or snacks, ensuring only the necessary nutrition is provided. This can provide long-term health benefits to cats (and dogs, with a range of dog meals and, treats also available).

The food is shipped in vacuum-sealed, airtight packaging to stay fresh when opened. Treats can be served as-is or rehydrated with a small amount of water. Their cat food needs to be rehydrated with water before serving. All meats used as proteins are high quality, always grass-fed, cage- and crate-free, and free from antibiotics.

No preservatives are used, and their pet food can be stored unrefrigerated for up to one week. To keep it longer, place the open bag in an airtight container in the fridge or freezer, which lasts up to 30 days. Subscriptions are available, as are bulk order discounts, with free shipping when you spend over $100.

Chicken Breast Tenders

Fresh Is Best Chicken Breast Tenders Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

The chicken breast tenders pack contains simple strips of pure chicken breast with no extra ingredients. These can be used as a treat to train your pet or reward good behavior, as a snack, or as a topper for your cat’s main meal. They are made using only the best quality chicken. They can easily be shredded or snapped apart, depending on your needs.

Each packet of tenders weighs 3.5oz, roughly the same as a pound of chicken before the moisture is removed.

Silverside Minnows

Fresh Is Best Silverside Minnows Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

Each pack of Silverside minnows contains just whole minnow fish, freeze-dried to retain all the nutrients of this wild-harvested seafood. Again, these can be used as treats or add one to your cat’s main meal as a topper. Freeze-dried minnows don’t have a strong odor and aren’t oily to the touch, so don’t be put off them – your cat will love them!

Each minnow packet weighs 2oz, about the same as a full pound of raw minnows before the moisture is removed.

Turkey Heart Fillets

Fresh Is Best Turkey Heart Fillets Freeze-Dried Cat Treats

The turkey heart fillets pack contains sliced fillets of whole turkey hearts and nothing else. Along with muscle meat, cats need some organ meat in their diet to provide essential vitamins and nutrients, so these make a great treat or meal topper option. In addition, these heart fillets come from cage-free turkeys.

Each packet weighs 3ozs, the same as a pound of turkey heart fillets before the freeze-drying process.

Fresh Is Best 3 bags of treats for Floppycats Giveaway April 2023

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