Custom 3D Crystal Rectangle from Photo

The 3D Rectangle Block from Etched Memory turns your pictures into a modern 3D laser engraved optic crystal rectangle block. You can choose the design, you can add text, and customize the block to get the ideal model. You can choose from several sizes and you can also get a LED light base, which makes the delicate details of the 3D block shine.


Give your memories a new spin with a Custom 3D Crystal Rectangle from Photo. You provide the picture, along with other elements you want engraved and Etched Memory turns them into an artistic 3D laser-engraved optic crystal rectangle block. You can add text to the model as well. You even get to choose the font used in the block.

Essentially, you get a personalized model which is then laser engraved into the 3D block. You can choose between two sizes: the medium – 3 x 2 x 2 inches and the X-Large to get the ideal block for you. You get to choose how the rectangle block is positioned and adapt your design to maximize the message.

This is a unique and extra-modern way to display a memory of you and your cat. You also get a contemporary LED Light Base, which is available for both orientations. This way, you can really make the fine details of the print shine. If you want to see the 3D rectangle block we reviewed, then check out our Etched Memory review.

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