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Cats can be very particular animals when it comes to food and water. If you are trying to encourage your cat to drink more water, a cat water fountain may be a great option. A cat fountain is often the best water dish for cats who like to have fresh water all the time. In nature, cats are drawn to fresh water sources and running water. A cat fountain can help provide that in the home and get your cat to drink more. There are different kinds of water fountains for cats. There are ceramic cat water fountains, stainless steel water fountains, and even plastic fountains. Many of the options are very nice looking, so they also add to your home’s décor. A modern cat dish, or pretty cat water bowl, is also a great gift for any cat lover. They come in various styles and colors. Cat water fountains cycle fresh water through filters and provide clean, running water. Many are dishwasher friendly, which is important for many cat owners. If you still have trouble getting your cat to drink from a fountain, try putting it in another room of the house or at least away from their food and litter, as they usually like their water separate from other dishes and litter.

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