Petlibro Glacier Pet Water Fountain

The Petlibro Glacier Ultrafiltration Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain is made using BASF’s Ultrason® material, which works to eliminate virtually all bacteria in your pet’s water. As a result, your cat can enjoy clean and pure drinking water, available 24/7.


The PetLibro Glacier Fountain is a hydration powerhouse, accommodating over 2 liters of water, lasting over a week without needing a refill. A kitty can enjoy on-demand access, eliminating constant pleas for fresh, clean water.

The unique design keeps the running fountain separate from the tray, ensuring easy access for your cat to drink comfortably from the spout.

Emitting 28 decibels, the fountain operates silently, only engaging audibly when detecting motion. The integrated filtration system boasts a two-month lifespan, providing the safest, human-grade water while keeping your cats interested with the sound of running water.

There’s also reduced dirt accumulation compared to traditional bowls, thanks to the motion activated movement. Your pets drink clean water filtered from any impurities.

Maintaining this fountain is easy, with all the sections coming apart, allowing you to clean each separately (See our review video to watch how to do that).

The tray and water tank are dishwasher-safe, simplifying cleaning.

PETLIBRO includes a QR code on a sticker on top of the filter cover, so it’s easy to reorder by just scanning and ordering

To conserve energy, it uses motion detectors to turn on the fountain as your pet approaches it.

The machine has a shallow water basin and is designed to be elevated off the floor. So, there’s zero whisker fatigue.

Our PETLIBRO Glacier Pet Water Fountain Unboxing

Our PETLIBRO Glacier Pet Water Fountain Review Video

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