The Chocolate Ragdoll Cat - The Story 

The Chocolate Ragdoll is a lighter brown color than the Ragdoll sealpoint. "Chocolate" is the color of the cat's points - but their patterns can vary just like other colors in the Ragdoll cat breed. 

Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide also provides an excellent example of the different patterns and colors. Please check out the Ragdoll Fanciers Worldwide Website as well. 

The Chocolate Point Ragdoll Cat

The body of the chocolate point Ragdoll cat is ivory in color, which can shade gradually into a lighter color toward the cat's stomach and chest. Its points are a milk-chocolate-like color in a warm tone. 

The eyes are blue, and the nose leather and paw pads are cinnamon-pink. 

The Chocolate Lynx Point Ragdoll Cat

The body of the chocolate lynx point Ragdoll cat is ivory in color. Please note that body shading may take the form of ghost striping or ticking. 

As for the points, these appear like warm milk-chocolate bars, distinct and separated by a lighter background color. The cat's ears are a warm milk chocolate tone with a paler thumbprint in the center. 

The eye color of the chocolate lynx point Ragdoll cat is blue. The specific pattern for the nose leather is cinnamon, which is considered permitted. Still, the preferred version is pink-edged in cinnamon. 

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The Chocolate Ragdoll Cat Story