Adorable Ragdoll Kittens for Sale Scam Online

Update March 2, 2021 – Current Ragdoll Breeder scams online (believe me, there are many more than this!)

Sylvia is a new Floppycats reader and has been in touch with me through e-mail to discuss adopting her first Ragdoll kitten when she retires a bit later this year.  Unfortunately, she was nearly scammed into “buying” a kitten.  I think it’s important to expose this information, so that others can find it.  This is also one of the many reasons why my flags go up when cheap Ragdoll kittens are being sold.

As many of you know, I am a crazy couponer and often shop at CVS.  I can’t tell you how many older people are in the store sending thousands of dollars via MoneyGram because of scams like this.  The employees of CVS tell me about it all the time.  However, they can’t stop the person from doing it- they can only warn them.

The whole idea makes me just sick.  I don’t know how these folks live with themselves.

Here’s what Sylvia told me:

“You’re not going to believe this, but I almost got scammed yesterday. I received an email ( and texts from this lady (Kayla Williams) who was trying to sell 2 Point Seal Ragdolls (male and female) for $400 each. They had papers, vet reports, etc. She also sent me 6 pictures of the kittens. Two of the pictures had a little girl about 5 years old or so holding them. Supposedly, this lady’s was in Sacramento making funeral arrangements for her mom who passed away. After much negotiation via text and email, she asked me to take the male and she would drop the price to $650 for both. Delivered. My husband and I are a bit skeptical by now. She said she was going to contact a pet courier and I would have both kittens in a couple of days.

Next thing I know I get this call from someone who is obviously not American, and I can’t understand a word he said. I asked him to call back because I couldn’t hear him or understand what he was saying. When he called back my husband answered. My husband asked for a his name, phone number, and their website (they claimed to be a Pet courier company). So, basically they wanted $500 via Western Union ONLY and the remaining $150 at time of delivery. My husband told him he needed to think it over and he would call him back. We checked the website and it didn’t exist. My husband did a little more research (I was too upset to do anything) and he told me he was pretty sure it was a scam. I was so upset and letdown. It really hurt. I still have her emails and I’m wondering if I should report it. Never in my wildest dreams would have I guessed there’s Scams when selling pets. Very disappointing.

Attached are the emails on how the SCAM started on Sunday, 23 Aug 15.

After the last page, all the correspondence was via text from Cell Phone 1-651-215-5019. The Pet Currier called saying they needed $500 dollars via Western Union ONLY!!! within 24 hrs, and the remainder $150 at the time of delivery. My husband asked for a name, website and after 2 hours of conversation back and forth with a gentleman with very broken English, we figured out it was a SCAM. If you try to call this number you’ll get a recording (hard to understand) and shortly after that you will receive an email asking how they can help. I got the cell number from website is When I found out this was a SCAM, I went to retrieve the text, and they had mysteriously disappeared. However, I was able to retrieve the cell number.

This morning I called the number and got the voice mail. I didn’t leave a voice mail. At 10:53 I received a “hello” text. I didn’t reply. At 10:45 I received and text “Hello, are you there? At 10: 47(me) I’m interested in ragdoll kittens. Where are you located?. At 10:49 “Sacramento, CA and we talked about the kittens already. Let me know if you are willing to continue delivery of kittens at you home” At 10:52 (me)Nope. I just wanted to make sure I had correct number for the Scam. Gotcha! At 11:05. Ok.”

Ragdoll Kitten SCAM
Ragdoll Kitten SCAM 2
Ragdoll Kitten SCAM 3
Ragdoll Kitten SCAM 4
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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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    1. Looks like a legitimate one. I do not know if they are reputable. I can never guarantee that. I would look for a health guarantee and also proof that they test their breeding cats for genetic diseases.

  1. Nancy Bora says:

    Support@kittensbooth is the email address I have. I believe they are a ragdoll cat breeder scam. I would like to know for sure

    1. Yes, if you go to their website – “Account Suspended”

  2. Nancy Bora says:

    Is kittens booth a legitimate rag doll breeder

    1. you’ll need to give me a link to check it out.

  3. svetlanao says:

    Hi Jenny and Sylvia.
    Ther’s so much scam for pets, you cannot even imagine. We tried to find a Pomeranian puppy on the Internet. There were two little cuties on the pack of pictures. The woman said she had to leave for a Mission and cannot take puppies with her – that’s why the price ewas cheaper, and we had to pay a half in advance, so they would be delivered right to our doorsteps. I never heard about this kind of delivery for pets. Usually, there are different arrangements, so I looked some more on the Interney while keeping in tough with that person. She was hurrying us up. Suddenly, I found the same pictures and the same text on another site, but the name of the owner was different. Hmm I judt wrote her that I was serious with my intent to adopt a puppy, but if it was scam, please, do not bother me again. All the correspondence from her site stopped immidiately. Later, I saw more pictures of same puppies and an identical text with them, only names were always different. I think lots of people do this – they find the cute pictures and try to use them for scamming others who might be a little more enthusiastic than normal, or just more trusting..We never adopted Pomeranian puppy, but got our beautiful Ragdoll boy Proshka from the breeder.
    Later, I saw the same shceme for cars, boats, and cats. If the price is too good to be true, and there is some very touching reason people would separate with their “beloved” pets, things – be aware of those who try to make money on your trust. Also, the key words to be on guard – pay in advance, and we will dliver right to your doorsteps.

    Hope it helps. My best wishes,

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    OMG! THIS is just dreadful! Thanks for the heads-up Sylvia and thank you for sharing this info with Jenny to share with us!!!!

    Great post, Jenny!

    Sylvia, I am so sorry this happened to you. Thank goodness your hubby intervened to talk with that person on the phone and played it smart. I can understand how upset you must have been to have your hopes raised and then dashed so suddenly. Heartbreaking. These people are criminals who prey on innocent folks. I hope they get caught one day and punished for all the people they have conned out of their hard-earned money in hopes to be able to get a beautiful Ragdoll kitten. How heartbroken they must have felt at losing their money and the hope of a kitten!!!!

    Buyer beware, indeed!!!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  5. Teresa Reid says:

    The first red flag is the price. Who would buy a kitten online without seeing it first. It’s not like you are buying a computer or something, it is a real little precious soul. The police should be notified because they do care about these scams and work hard to stop it and catch the thugs. Very horrible indeed.

  6. Thought you all would like to know that the scammer fond out about this post and then wrote Sylvia again saying, “F*ck you.Post that too.”

  7. Jenny, I’m so glad you are warning people. I agree, this is totally despicable. I hope this can be tracked down and this scam ended – though unfortunately, I’m sure there are many others like this out there. Buyer beware (unfortunately).

    Sylvia, I hope you can find a local reputable breeder you can visit in person and pick out a kitten from. As awful as this experience was for you, I am sure it will help others avoid a bad situation.

  8. Unbelievable!!! Thank heavens you weren’t scammed!! How disgusting that people do these things!. I’m finding myself worried for the kitties in the photos.
    Jenny thank you for bringing this situation out into the light to help warn and prevent others from being taken in this heartless scam.

  9. chris chocallo says:

    Sylvia, How sad that there are some people in the world who will take advantage of someone who is willing to open their home, their hearts, and most im[ortantly their wallets to a small furry creature asking for nothing in return except perhaps kitten kisses and the occasional head butt! We see scams here in south Florida everyday especially involving seniors, who have undoubtedly lived in times when people were more civil and there were fewer opportunities to scam other individuals. We have adopted a ragdoll kitten in early July and want to tell you not to be discouraged by this. We did buy him from a reputable breeder at what we thought was a fair price, and have not regretted it one minute. He is amazing! Good luck in your search for a kitty. Rescue kitties have always found us, and we never went looking for one. However this one is super special. Chris Chocallo Sarasota FL

  10. wow those assholes are even scamming with pets?! i get this all the time. i sell a lot on craigslist and i get these scammers. there is nothing that will be done about it. they are in another country and the us won’t do a thing.. i’ve tried. it’s buyer .. and seller beware. if it seems too good to be true, then it is. there are so many of these people out there now days. it’s really shitty that nothing can be done about it. they obviously know that there are a lot of people wanting ragdolls. and it is very sad how many people fall for this stuff. i feel really bad for them and i’d like to kill the people that take advantage of others like this and they just get away with it. they also can buy us phone numbers so you will think they are in the us. i guess it’s pretty simple. i would never buy an animal that i couldn’t see and touch first anyway.

  11. Deb Smith says:

    I had a similar experience in the UK, the breeder was located on the Isle of Mann, despite offers to hop on a ferry or a plane and view the kittens, meet the mother and allow a kitten to choose me, the breeder said “don’t worry, I’ll just Fed Ex the kitten”!

    I contacted the UK Ragdoll association and they had never heard of the person, they advised me about approved breeders in a reasonable distance from my home. As a result I now have my beautiful blue eyed Lulu (not her fancy pedigree name – she only gets called that when she’s really naughty!).

    Some people are just shameless, in the UK a lot of rescue homes are filled with last seasons “fashion accessory” and you can buy “pre loved” pets on line (code for I’m bored now – I’ll sell it!).

    Sorry for the venting – I have no issue with responsible legitimate breeders, who care about animals. But people who see them and us as a fast buck – Hiss Spit – as my kitten would say when annoyed!

    Deb x

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