How to Get Rid of Static Electricity in a Cat’s Fur

Winter has arrived, and you’re wondering, “why is my cat staticy”? Or do you get shocked when petting your cat?  

This happens due to the static electricity in your cat’s fur. While this is not among the commonly asked questions about cats, it is an issue that quite a few cat owners face, especially during the colder seasons. 

Discover ways to get rid of static electricity in your cat’s fur so you can return to petting your cat without being afraid to hurt it or yourself. 

How to Reduce Static Electricity in Your Cat’s Fur

The best possible way to fix this issue is to raise the humidity levels in your home. This should reduce the level of static electricity at first and then get rid of it entirely. 

1. Removing the Environmental Condition

You can get a humidifier for your home, which should help you overcome this in no time. However, you should also have a hygrometer to measure the humidity levels. This way, you can set the humidifier according to your needs. 

Suppose you are not in a position to make home improvements. In that case, there are other ways in which you can reduce and even remove static electricity in your cat. The principle is simple.  

2. Cat-Centered Methods of Removing Static Electricity

Anti-Static Spray for Cats – Is It an Option? There are quite a few anti-static sprays for cats on the market. However, these are the least viable option when dealing with static electricity because of the effect that these may have on the cat’s fur.

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