Ideas to Keep Your Dog Out of Your Cat's Food and Litter Box

Living with cats and dogs in the home is a lot of fun. More animals mean more love in the home, but it also means some extra work for logistics.

One of the most common issues is keeping the dog out of the cat’s food and litter box. Precisely because we know this can be rather tricky to do, we’ve made a list of 10 of the best ideas out there.

1. Install a Gate for Cats, but Not for Dogs

Limit the dog’s access to the area where you have these items by installing a gate that the dog can’t get through, but the cat can. 

2. Install a Cat Door in Your Door or in Your Wall

Another excellent idea to keep the dog out of the cat food and litter is to install cat doors in your home. This way, you can choose which rooms the dog does not have access to by simply closing the doors in your home. 

3. Install a Dog-Proof Door Latch

The dog-proof door latch is the minimally invasive way to keep a dog out of the cat’s food and litter box. It is a band that only allows the door to open wide enough to let the cat in, but not the dog. And compared to cat doors, it is not permanent. 

4. Elevate the Cat’s Food Bowl

You can put the differences between cats and dogs to good use by placing the cat’s food bowl up where the cat can get to it and enjoy its meal from up above, but where the dog can’t climb to. 

5. Get a Dog-Proof Cat Feeding Station

If the issue is that your dog is eating your cat’s food, then the solution is to place the food in a place where the dog can’t get to. A very simple way to do this is to get a dog-proof cat feeding station.  

What Not to Do

There are plenty of ideas on how to keep a dog out of the cat’s food and litter box, but there are some things you shouldn’t do. One of them we’ve mentioned – do not place the cat’s food and litter box in the same enclosure, or even in the same room, if possible because it is not hygienic.  

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