Early Age Spay and Neuter of Ragdoll Kittens and The Importance

Even breeders who think they are being responsible, end up causing irresponsible breeding.

How does this happen? They release a kitten that has not been altered to a pet owner who signs a contract that they will spay or neuter the kitten, however, something comes up – financial strain or the pet owner changes his or her mind and wants to breed the cat.

Even if they sign a contract, it doesn’t stop them.  Some people don’t care about contracts and in fact, the original breeder doesn’t have much control once the kitten is released.  Sure, they can sue, etc.

But once the damage has been done, it’s been done.  No court of law can take away the fact that the cat has produced a new litter of kittens, irresponsibly.

However, I do support responsible breeders who do not release their kittens without early age spay and neuter.

I have come to the conclusion that it is CRUCIAL for breeders to responsibly spay and neuter kittens BEFORE they go to their forever homes.

Yes, many breeders have kitten adopters sign contracts where they say they will spay and neuter the kitten they are adopting, but it doesn’t always happen.  And if it doesn’t happen 100%, then it’s not good enough.  

There are too many dangers involved in NOT spaying and neutering early on.

There are special vets that know how to to do this procedure and responsible breeders will find them.

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