Cat Poop & Diarrhea Stuck To Fur? 💩

Cat poop stuck in fur is not a natural problem for cats. Cats’ systems are actually designed to poop properly without getting any cat dingleberries stuck in their fur.

Naturally, it is much easier for a cat with long fur to get poop stuck in its fur than it is for a short-haired cat. If this happens on a single occasion, then all you need to do is take out the poop from the cat’s fur.

However, you should keep an eye out because if it happens again, then the poop stuck in your cat’s hair or poop stuck in their butt could indicate a bigger issue.

So what’s the problem?  

The number one culprit is diet. Think about it: what we eat as humans affects the consistency of our poop, and it’s the same way with cats. 

For cats, too much fat in their diet is not a likely issue. The problem is usually dry food, which can make their poop quite hard with rough margins that get stuck in the fur like thistles. 

If this is the case, then switching your cat to wet food might actually be the simplest solution to the “my cat keeps getting poop stuck in their fur” situation. 

Other possible issues besides dry food could be that there are allergies. Food allergies can modify the consistency of the cat’s poop and make it sticky. If this is the case, then you have to treat the allergy to make the poop normal. 

Normal Poop vs. Sticky Poop

Normal cat poop is quite dry, but not dry enough to be edgy and get stuck in the cat’s fur. This is why getting poop in their fur is not a normal issue for cats. Things get problematic when the poop doesn’t have its normal consistency anymore.

On the other hand, the looser the stool is, the sticker it is. Semi-solid stools are very easy to stick to the fur and quite difficult to get out. Anything looser than that and all the way to diarrhea adheres closely to the fur, which makes it very difficult to clean off. 

Why Should You Get the Poop Out of Your Cat’s Fur?

If the smell and stains on your floors and carpets are not enough to get you to trim out the poop from your cat’s fur, then here is more about the complications that could occur if you leave it there. 

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