The PurrFurr Scratch Long Product Review

I was working on an update to our Favorite Cat Products video on YouTube, and when I am in the process of doing that, I always go through the old ones and look at the new ones.

I had included the PurrFur Scratch in the previous one, and it is still a favorite. So I went to PurrFur’s Etsy store to see if they had anything new, and much to my delight, I found out that they had made a longer version of their PurrFur Scratch, so I reached out to see if they would send us one.

PurrFur Scratch Long Unboxing Video:

The PurrFurr Scratch Long is a large scratching pad that can also double as a cat bed. It’s manufactured in Poland and sold on Etsy, with shipping available through the EU, to North America, and to Australia and Asia.

A Modern-Style Cat Scratcher

One of the major benefits of this scratch pad over others is the design. Many cat scratchers are designed only with the cat in mind, but this scratching pad won’t look out of place in any modern home décor. It’s made from waxed birch plywood and white chipboard which has rounded edges in a minimalistic and chic style. If you’re looking for a cat scratching mat that doesn’t look out of place amongst your furniture, this could be ideal.

The legs are made from wood and have a simple, contemporary look. You have the option of adding feet to them to help improve traction, although if you’re placing the pad onto a carpeted surface you may not need them.


The Scratch Long measures 26” by 15.75” by 6.3”, weighing 12lb and with a maximum weight capacity of 176lb. It’s extremely sturdy and durable and will have no trouble holding larger cats, who can stretch out without hanging over the side. An updated version of their existing Scratch Pad, which is the same design but only measures 15.75” by 15.75”. If you have a larger cat breed, the Scratch Long may be more suitable.

Reversible and Replaceable Scratch Pad

The scratching pad itself is made from cardboard, which is robust, thick and can last for a long time depending on how frequently your cat uses it. The pad is removable and reversible too. So, if your cats prefer to lie a certain way and only scratch one end of the pad, you can turn it 180 degrees, and give them a fresh patch to start working on.

And then, when they’ve worn out one side, just take it out and flip it over, giving them the new underside to start scratching, essentially doubling the time you can use it.

I love that you can order replacement scratch pad inserts from PurrFur too, so once one is worn out and used on both sides, you can order a new one – simply recycle the old one and replace it with the new.

What’s more is that they offer combo sets – you can order a scratcher with an extra pad – so technically you get two pads, so four uses. Considering the shipping time and costs, it’s probably easier to order an extra one when you buy the product in the first place.

PurrFur Scratch Long Review Video:

A cardboard cat scratcher that doesn’t leave a mess…

Because the Scratch Long is handmade to ensure a high-quality product, it takes around 4 weeks for it to be shipped once you place your order, with an estimated shipping time of another 2 weeks once dispatched if you live in the US.

Another benefit of the design is how, because the scratch insert sits in a recess, all parts of the cardboard that your cat scratches off are kept safe inside. When you lift out the insert, the remnants will be there ready to be vacuumed, instead of being strewn across your flooring. It just makes it easier to keep your home tidy while your cat destroys the scratching pad over time.

Buy the PurrFur Scratch Lounge:

PurrFur Scratch Long included in our favorite cat scratchers:

We received the PurrFur Scratch Long for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this honest post. Check out our other cat product reviews

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