Are You a Cat Person? [Quiz Just for Fun] 

If you’re a current or past cat owner, or you’d like to own a cat someday, you might have wondered if you’re truly a “cat person.”

There are a lot of common qualities of people that we’d call “cat people,” both because of their similarities to kitties and their compatibility with them. 

This is not a serious cat person quiz, and it is relying on stereotypes to generate fun results. In all reality, cats are living, breathing souls, and each one has their very own personality. 

1. Do You Consider Yourself to be Playful? a. Yes, I absolutely love to play. b. Eh, sometimes I play, and sometimes I want to be left alone. c. I am not very playful. d. I am not playful at all.

2. Do New People Nerve You? a. Absolutely, I don’t like meeting anybody. b. I’m often hesitant, but sometimes it’s okay. c. Meeting new people is fine. d. I love meeting new people.

3. Do You Have a Wild Side? a. Yes! I love to just go crazy sometimes. b. I like to get a rush here and there. c. No, I like to stay safe. d. I’d rather not be called “wild.”

If you aren’t sure how these results came to be, don’t worry. We will explain every piece of them in depth.  

Cat Person Quiz Result

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Are You a Cat Person?