Are Ragdoll Cats Expensive?

The short answer is that they are among the more expensive cat breeds out there, but that the overall price depends greatly on the cat’s specific characteristics.

So, are Ragdoll cats expensive?

If you are looking for a Ragdoll cat to be your pet only, then this is a category that you can certainly look into because it will always be significantly less expensive than others.

Pet Alter Quality

These Ragdoll cats display all the characteristics of the breed perfectly, which makes them fit for official competitions. However, these cats are sold neutered or spayed, which reduces the overall price.

Show Alter Quality

These Ragdoll cats are mismarked, which makes them unfit for official competitions. However, they can be used as breeders because their offspring may exhibit the full set of breed characteristics perfectly. These are similar in price to Show Alter Quality cats.

Breeder Quality

These Ragdoll cats display the breed’s characteristics 100%, which makes them competition-worthy, and they are also fit to be breeders because their offspring have the chance to be of the same quality as them. This is the most expensive Ragdoll cat you can buy.

Show/Breeder Quality

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