12 Cat Behaviors That Will Make You Go "LOL"

Let us decode some unusual, often hilarious, cat behaviors you may observe your whiskered companion exhibit and the reason behind them!

Eating Grass 

It is an indisputable fact that cats savor meat more than anything else. However, one odd behavior you might notice is your feline friend nibbling on grass once in a while. 

Curling Up in Small Spaces 

The reason for this lies in the cat's instinct to hide in enclosed spaces where they can keep an eye out for predators and prey and feel more protected. 


Kneading, or making biscuits, is an instinctive trait displayed by kittens and adult cats. 

Bringing You Dead Animals 

Often, your cat might bring you some unwanted presents, including dead rodents, birds, or crickets. 


Chattering or chirping simply displays a moment of excitement mixed with irritation in cats. 

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