12 Cat Behaviors That Will Make You Go “LOL”

Naturally curious, clever, and adorably amusing, cats make excellent pets, providing a lifetime of unconditional love.

With that said, these little critters can often be mysterious with their strange antics, rendering it difficult for us to interpret what they mean by it.

So, let us decode some unusual, often hilarious, cat behaviors you may observe your whiskered companion exhibit and the reason behind them!

Eating Grass

Cat outside in the green grass with green eyes.
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It is an indisputable fact that cats savor meat more than anything else. However, one odd behavior you might notice is your feline friend nibbling on grass once in a while.

A common theory presented to explain this act is that it aids in getting rid of indigestible matter like hairballs due to its fiber content.

So, if you notice your cat throwing up after eating grass, you can be sure it has done more good than harm by helping the kitty clear its digestive tract.

Rolling Over

Bengal kitten resting on a white background
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Cats roll over on their back with their legs wide open and tummy exposed when they are feeling secure in your presence.

It is often a sign that your cat is inviting you for some playtime and in the mood for a few gentle rubs on its irresistibly furry belly.

Curling Up in Small Spaces

A baby kitten in the bottom of a basket curled up.
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Regardless of how much effort and money you invest in designing a cozy bed for your furry companion, you might find your picky feline slipping into small, confined areas, like baskets, cardboard boxes, or other containers.

The reason for this lies in the cat’s instinct to hide in enclosed spaces where they can keep an eye out for predators and prey and feel more protected.


Kitten sleep on plaid. Little cut cat at home
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Kneading, or making biscuits, is an instinctive trait displayed by kittens and adult cats. Kittens knead on their mother’s stomach to enhance milk production. As adults, kneading soft surfaces demonstrates that your cat is feeling happy and content or marking its territory.

Bringing You Dead Animals

close up portrait of an adorable meowing Bengal Kitten
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Often, your cat might bring you some unwanted presents, including dead rodents, birds, or crickets.

As strange and gross as it might feel and certainly something you would never want as a gift, take it as a moment of honor and generosity. Your cuddly companion is simply trying to please and thank you for everything you do for them by sharing their fresh kill with you.


Cute cat licking or kissing womans nose. Cat and owner togeth
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Chattering or chirping simply displays a moment of excitement mixed with irritation in cats.

Accordingly, you will usually notice this behavior when your cat is gazing out of the window with its eyes fixated on potential prey in the yard that it cannot reach, like birds or squirrels.

Knocking Objects Over

Norwegian Forest Cat (8 months old) kitten with tail up on white background
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It is never fun and games witnessing your costly night lamp getting slammed on the floor. While it may not be the most endearing act, cats can push things over for a few reasons, mainly when feeling playful and seeking attention.

Scheduling daily playtime with some toys could help curb these targeted attacks as it allows the kitty to release excess energy.

Showing Their Butt

Black cat with paws crossed
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Cats often turn around and present their butts while elevating their tails as you pet or brush their back. The gesture might not be the most welcoming and make you feel uneasy, but indicates that the cat trusts you and wants more of your rubs.

Likewise, if your cat shoves its bum into your face, it is their natural instinct coming into play, as cats in the wild sniff each other’s rear ends as a sign of friendliness and trust.

Blinking At You

Bengal cat is screwing eyes and lying
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If you find your feline blinking at you in slo-mo, it is anything but a something to worry. Consider it a signal of trust and that it feels safe and comfortable around you. Return the slow blinks to communicate that you adore them equally.

Licking You

Man Being Licked By Cat
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Most often associated with dogs, it is normal for cats to groom their human counterparts as a sign of love and bonding. However, excessive licking might point toward an underlying problem, like stress or anxiety, so making a trip to your vet’s office could be a wise decision.

Rubbing Their Head

Friendly Ginger Tabby Cat
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Your fluffy friend rubbing or bumping its head against your leg could be their way of showing love and affection.

Also known as bunting, pressing against your body releases pheromones from the cat’s face and head, leaving its scent on you, which means the feline considers you their own.

Eating Non-Edible Stuff

A cat biting into a human arm.
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If you observe your cat chewing on random items like plastic or wool, provide it with some chew toys to discourage the behavior. If it persists, getting it examined by a vet is essential to rule out any underlying health issues.

To conclude, if your cat exhibits any of these odd behaviors, you can rest assured it is not something to fret over while ensuring that you do not misinterpret signs of love from your furry best friend as problematic acts!

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