ZiwiPeak Good Cat Treats

Post Published on February 20, 2010 | Last Updated on February 20, 2010 by Jenny

ZiwiPeak Good Cat Treats

ZiwiPeak Good Cat Treats: ZiwiPeak, a company out of New Zealand, has a full range of products for dogs and cats. Along with their canned food, they sent us their ZiwiPeak Treats to try.

ZiwiPeak are an air-dried meat reward. ZiwiPeak sent us the Fish and Venison recipe to try.

Because ZiwiPeak uses ingredients ranch-raised and free of antiobiotics and hormones, we were more than happy to try out their treats. There is no added salt, color, preservatives, fillers or grains.

We loved ZiwiPeak treats! The cats loved the taste of them. In fact, sometimes we would find the bag of the treats on the floor – the cats had jumped on the counter trying to get them out of the bag!

ZiwiPeak Good Cat Treats

Below you will find two videos – one of Caymus, a 5-year old Ragdoll, eating the treats and one of Charlie, a 5-month old Ragdoll, eating the treats! In fact, because of the purity of ZiwiPeak cat treats they are suitable for any pet at any stage of life.

Caymus, a 5-year old Ragdoll Cat, Trying ZiwiPeak ‘Good-Cat’ Treats

Charlie, a Ragdoll Kitten, Eating ZiwiPeak Cat Treats

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2 thoughts on “ZiwiPeak Good Cat Treats

  1. Wayne Robinson says:

    Jenny, I just posted a question about ZiwiPeak in the Visitors’ Posts on your FaceBook page, wondering if you’d ever heard of them. Then, I searched your site and found this from 6 years ago! Have you had any more to do with them? I’ve got a pantry full of their canned food for Loki when he comes home next week, hoping to transition him to the best food I can find. Charlie was so cute back then. How old was he? Your two boys are among the most beautiful cats on the planet, by the way 🙂

    • Jenny says:

      Thanks for your super sleuth skills – makes my job easier =).

      As a head’s up – whenever you are wondering if we have tried something – just go to YouTube and type in the product and “floppycats” – so in this situation – “ziwipeak and floppycats” will show you the results.

      My cats wouldn’t eat ZiwiPeak for long – I hope to try it on them again. I would prefer them to eat it – I trust the food out of NZ more.

      Charlie was 3/4 months old in that video.

      Be sure to have Loki on the breeder’s food for the first few weeks before you transition him – he needs to get used to your home first before changing other things he knows.

      Good luck and please let me know how it goes.

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