Zichron Tziyon – Ragdoll of the Week

Zichron Tziyon, a Lilac Mitted Ragdoll Cat

Zichron Tziyon - Ragdoll of the WeekMy most wonderful, Ragdoll, baby is my adorable Zichron Tziyon (Zee-on)! We adopted him two years ago, sadly after losing our first Ragdoll, and my emotional support animal, 2 yr. old seal bi-color Malachi – probably to FIP). 🙁

Tziyon is a gorgeous Lilac, mitted Ragdoll and comes to us from a fabulous breeder in Virginia, Angel Girl Ragdolls. After losing Malachi and feeling such deep anguish and guilt; once we discovered that his unscrupulous breeder was legally put out of business; we knew we had to find a highly reputable breeder for his successor.

Zichron Tziyon - Ragdoll of the Week
ZZ in basket

Angel Girl Ragdoll’s is incredibly dedicated to raising highly socialized and rigorously healthy (and tested) cats and kittens! They were so diligent in answering all of our many questions about both breeding and handling/temperament standards. We were also able to visit the cattery and meet the kittens. They initially began their experience with the breed in looking for a pet for their daughter who was diagnosed with Autism. They are wonderful and I would definitely recommend Angel Girl’s to anyone desiring a beautiful and loving ragdoll.

Zichron Tziyon - Ragdoll of the WeekI first became interested in the Ragdoll breed after an entire lifetime of cat guardianship. I reviewed all of the best qualities of all my former cats and thought about the intense bond I desired from a charming life companion: cuddly, fluffy, docile, easily groomed, interactive, playful, affectionate, and undeniably stunning. Not to mention that because on their innate nature they make amazing therapy cats. A Ragdoll was definitely THE breed for me!

Tziyon is two years old now and was born July 7, 2014. We met him in September of that year and he arrived in our home forever October 4th. He was so tiny, when we held him in the palm of our hand on our first meeting. Now he is over 15 pounds and still growing, quite the double armful! He loves to play hide and seek, not easy for such a large cat, especially in boxes – any box no matter how tiny. He also plays fetch with his favorite toy, a mini stuffed

Zichron Tziyon - Ragdoll of the Week
ZZ big boy

raccoon he stole from our daughter’s room and she relinquished. He continues to attempt adding to his collection and sometimes he wins. 😉 He also loves his Greenie treats served one of two ways, either eaten from the palm of our hand or skittered across the floor to chase and pounce upon. He flops perfectly when he wants his belly rubbed and purrs so loudly, especially when getting groomed which is one of his favorite activities.

Zichron Tziyon - Ragdoll of the Week
ZZ katul

Zichron Tziyon got his name from our love for the land of Israel. Zichron – Hebrew for remember, and Tziyon – Hebrew for Zion, or the city of G-d. The same year we got him we had just returned from living abroad, part of the time in the Holy Land, and want never to forget that glorious time. Our cats travel always with us too, even internationally!

Tziyon enjoys his bed, unlike any other cat I have ever owned. It is a Martha Stewart Pets Converable Cat bed from Petsmart. It was great when he was a small kitten and still serves him well, fully expanded now, for him to stretch out as a big guy. Although in the summer months he prefers to squeeze into the bathroom sink (it is a good idea to have double sinks, one for people and one for the cat). At night when it is warm weather he now stretches out in the bathtub. Another wonderful blessing for Tziyon and his sister Rach’el (a lynx point Siamese adopted from the Boulder Valley Humane Society) is their fabulous veterinary staff at Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital. They care for each and every pet like they are their own and even have a Staff Cat of their own in the office. They expertly diagnosed Rach’el’s gluten intolerance and Tzyion’s sensitive bladder. Thus we were prescribed and now feed them Presciption Royal Canin Veterinarian Diet Urinary SO. Two more great products we rely on are PetLink microchip monitoring (even though our cats are indoor only) for protection, as well as Embrace Pet Insurance, in case of emergency medical bills. We love both our babies so much, they truly are part of our family!

Zichron Tziyon - Ragdoll of the Week
ZZ beautiful
Zichron Tziyon - Ragdoll of the Week
ZZ hanging out
Zichron Tziyon - Ragdoll of the Week
ZZ lamp

Thank you Floppycats for sharing the love of Ragdolls! We always enjoy your site and insight to the breed and all the joys thereof.

Many blessings,
Natalie, Tziyon, Rach’el, and family.


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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Debbie Levin says:

    What a beautiful boy ZZ is! Just love the pics and the story!

    1. Thanks! We do love him so. So many pix, so little photo space…

  2. Awww, Natalie what a BEAUTIFUL story about your STUNNINGLY GORGEOUS BOY, ZZ!!! Wow! He is SO HANDSOME!!! Lurve the pics so much! He is just so precious and beautiful and what a purrsonality!!! I lurve that he pilfered his raccoon from your daughter’s stuffed animals collection and that he keeps trying to take more! Hilarious! How lovable he sounds!

    I truly enjoyed reading your story and looking at all those wonderful pics of your baby boy (who’s not such a baby in size anymore…such a big fluffy charming fella!)! 🙂

    Wishing you, your family, ZZ and Rach’el many more years of happiness, love, good health and purry adventures together!!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

    (P.S. I am so very sorry about the loss of your beloved Malachi to that horrible, awful, disgusting FIP. *BIG HUGS*)

    1. Thanks! Tziyon is always into something and keeps us smiling. We can hardly wait for our DD’s new kitten to arrive and see how they get along. It will definitely be an upset to the status quo. Always adventuring on…

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    So very sorry to hear of your Malachi to that dreaded FIP. I also lost a kitten to that terrible disease a long time ago and it is so sad. Very sorry you had to go through that. How wonderful that you found Angel Girls Ragdolls in Virginia and got your gorgeous ZZ from them. Guess what? Your sweet boy may very well be related to my Illaria Rose who also came from Angel Girls. She is 4 years old now. Her Mom has already been rehomed but her daddy, is Pounce, who is still there! How about that? I love AngelGirls as well and they always have the most gorgeous kittens (I still look and maybe will adopt another little one some day, hehe!). So wonderful that you get to take your kitties with you when travelling. Would love to hear about how you do that and all the precautions and things you need to know when doing something like that. It scares me because I don’t know all the ends and outs of travelling with a pet. Thanks so much for sharing ZZ’s wonderful story with us. He is absolutely gorgeous and might be a half-brother to Illaria Rose!

    1. How pawesome that ZZ may be a half-brother to Miss Illaria Rose!!! 🙂 <3 <3 <3

      1. Teresa Reid says:

        Hope so!♥♥♥

        1. Thanks! We certainly love AngelGirl, they just recently helped my daughter reserve a kitten for the holidays. They are the best!
          Illaria Rose is a beauty! Although Tziyon is a kitten from a Valkyrie and Romeo litter, they may be related further back in their pedigrees.
          As for traveling, there are a few hoops to jump through to get approvals and pet passports. The two best things are Sleepypod carriers and AirBnB rentals!

          1. Teresa Reid says:

            Oh! Am so excited for your daughter getting a new kitten! Thanks so much for the sweet compliments of Illaria! She is something else and is mellowing nicely since turning 4 in June. Shucks! Wish ZZ and her were siblings even half for that matter. Maybe your daughter might get one of Pounce’s kittens. He is a quadruple grand international champion and is just stunning! Would have loved to see their cattery in person like you guys did. Thanks so much for the info on the travel gear. Will have to check into that if we decide to do much travelling in the next few years. Wishing you and your sweet ZZ, and all the other Floppycatters out there, a very happy holiday season!♥♥♥

  4. Joel Schmid says:

    What a handsome devil ZZ is !
    He has an awesome name too !
    Love it !
    Great job on his pics too !
    He looks great !

    1. Thanks! We certainly love him to pieces. He always gives us great photo ops too.

  5. What a beauty, but how in the world did he balance on that lamp?? Tziyon certainly looks like he has the Ragdoll flop perfected. Thanks so much for sharing his story and the fabulous pictures.


    1. Thanks so much! I know crazy, right. What you don’t realize is that stained glass lamp also has a 2.5 inch finial on it! He is certainly fun to enjoy.

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