Zen Hideway Designer Litter Box Enclosure from All Modern Pet

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Do you want a litter box enclosure for your cat that can give your pet the privacy that it needs? You might prefer to own this unique cat furniture rather than have a plain old box-type cabinet. The Zen Hideway Designer Litter Box Enclosure may be exactly what your looking for as it has an elegantly curved crate-like design that will look like a piece of accent decor when you have guests at your home, eliminating the need of you having to worry about where to hide your kitty litter box. 

Zen Hideway Designer Litter Box Enclosure from All Modern PetIt is sleek and oval-shaped, with a wide access door that your pet will love, and you may even choose for it to be used beds for cats as you have the option place comfortable and durable foam cushioning of a ZenHaus Pet Bed instead of the kitty litter box. The Zen Hideway Designer Litter Box Enclosure is made from lightweight fiberglass and easy to assemble, this could be just a perfect item for your cat.

The door is removable so you have to option to have a door to close when you want to use it as a hideaway for your pet. The sides and door has ventilated slots and can provide more air circulation to your pet than nearly all kennels of similar make and size. Choose from any of the brilliant and classic colors – red, mint, white, or black. 

When choosing cat products, find those that will give you versatility and durability.

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