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ZeeZee is a purebred seal bicolour Ragdoll boy.

He was born February 2, 2017 in Kingston, Ontario, which is about a 14 hours round trip drive from where I live.

Brothers – Well Almost!

I had originally decided to purchase a male and a female Ragdoll kitten. But I ended up buying 2 males this time and am thrilled with my decision. The 2 boys get along well and play together.

They were not litter mates, but have the same father and both nursed from the same Momma cat, as my other male cat was in a very big litter and ZeeZee a smaller litter.

The breeder introduced a few of the kittens to the Momma with the smaller litter to nurse and she accepted them.

So it’s kind of cool they nursed from the same Momma! They are not quite full brothers, but almost!

The 3rd photo is ZeeZee with his almost brother Duffy (Duffy right/ZeeZee left)

ZeeZee - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_6293

Zee’s Personality

ZeeZee - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_3835

ZeeZee has a rather inquisitive personality but on the other hand, he is just a little shy too.

When I picked him up at the breeder, he along with several other of the breeder’s cats (her pet cats) ran to hide.

She said they did this because they were scared when someone arrived at their home, it was to take away a cat and they didn’t want it to be them!

ZeeZee will still run and hide from us at times, like he’s worried we are going to take him away from his home.

For the most part, he is a real go-getter. He’ll make a toy out of anything: a big paperclip, a scrap of paper, a cardboard paper towel roll or whatever! He’ll take his toy, whatever it is, and place it in an empty box or the cat toy box (his attempt at hiding the toy from his brothers!) He’s quite the explorer too!

I caught him one day stealing a potato from the cupboard, carrying it in his teeth and hiding it in a decorative bucket I keep near our fireplace!

He’s a very sweet boy and loves to play. He’s a pretty typical Ragdoll and a really great flopper! He has that sweet, gentle Ragdoll disposition and loves to play and play hard! Loves to be a cuddle bug too. He sleeps in very tight quarters at times and loves to dominate the top spot on the cat tree in our home!

He’s super fast and smart. He’s mastered opening the sliding closet doors and hallways doors in our home. I caught him on video a few weeks ago, working a closed door, until he opened it! Didn’t take long, only about 10 seconds! He has very big paws so he works one of those big mitts into the tiny crack where the door is closed and pushes the sliding door sideways!

ZeeZee - Ragdoll of the Week ZeeZee Profile

He’s currently just over 2 years old and weighs in around 14 lb (vet says keep his weight controlled) cause he’s going to be a heavy cat!


His name is a bit unusual. I took the name from a nickname my daughter had many years ago!

ZeeZee - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_6538

Join ZeeZee and Duffy on their Ragdoll cat YouTube channel – Ragdoll Love

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  1. WOW!!! Zee-Zee is spectacularly handsome. As is his brother DUFFY too…

    I’m heading over to youtube immediately to find out more about these absolutely STUNNING boys!!!

    Best Wishes
    Pam & Fluffy

  2. TYSVM for sharimg your wonderful love story about your DROP DEAD GORGEOUS ZeeZee Boy! He sounds AMAZEBALLS & LURVELY & LIKE SO MUCH FUN…typical charming Ragdoll for sure!!!! LURVE all the pics and your descriptions of his purrsonality, etc… Also, his “brother from another mother” Duffy, is STUNNINGLY HANDSOME! What a pair!!! 🙂 <3

    So very happy they both found a loving & devoted family & furever home with YOU!!! 🙂 <3

    Wishing you all many more years of good health, happiess, love & purry adventures together!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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