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As you may know, this website is for the love of Ragdoll cats . The most relevant content is included as well as additional resources and suggestions. However, we could always use more. doesn’t want to assume to know what web surfers are looking for when they come to a website such as,

Therefore, your comments are always welcome. What improvements can be done? Is there something on this site that doesn’t get to the nitty gritty of what you were looking for? Is there a product you suggest be reviewed and possibly post on this site? Do you have a Ragdoll cat and want to share your cat with me? Do you totally disagree with something said on this website? What about something recommended?

Below you will find a “Comments” form that you can fill out. Please fill out completely or to your comfort level.

Thank you ahead of time for making this site more interactive and fun!



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    1. Iris won the Bonus Giveaway! Nature’s Logic Cat Food! – she decided to donate it to Ragdoll Rescue.

      Brett, Kara, Stephen and Dawn won the June 2012 Giveaway: Cat Grooming Tool Prize Pack from JW Pet Company

  1. Hi, I’m looking at Ragdoll kittens from Golden Ragdolls Cattery. Does anyone know of this cattery? Has anyone else bought from them? I’d love your comments as I would have to have the kitten transported here, and won’t be able to meet him in r person. Thanks so much, Kristi D. In NH

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