Yeowww! Banana

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catnip bananaOne of the best, if not the best cat toy , is the Yeowww! Banana.  All of my family’s Ragdoll Cats have loved them, from one year old Charlie and Trigg Rag Doll Kittens, to six year olds Murphy and Caymus, and even my the eldest cat Rags loved these toys until his final days at the age of nineteen!  Caymusis especially fond of the Yeoww Banana and loves to hoard them and lay on top of them whenever he can. 

catnip bananaYou can see some Caymus videos here as he plays with the bananas.  As you can see, Caymus is a big boy who rarley missed an opportunity to enjoy Cat Snacks or a good meal.   It is hilarious to watch the kitties bunny kick and play with these toys with so much energy and passion.  You can also watch some videos of Rags just before his nineteenth birthday playing with the banana here.  I buy these toys as gifts for other cats as well, as I have yet met a cat who does not go absolutely nuts for these things.  Additionally, these toys are easy to order online through Amazon which makes the gift giving process that much easier. 

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