Wounded by My Boo!

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Seal Lynx Ragdoll CatI’m wounded! My Boo seems to think my legs are his toys and scratching posts. Not only that, sometimes he even bites my nose when I am sleeping to get my attention. I don’t appreciate his tender bite just to wake me up so he can have something to play with so the toys and scratching pads would be wonderful. The treats and food would be great, too, since he is a year old male who is growing extremely fast right now. I have gotten several pets from the shelter and they would be very happy, too.

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

Name: Leanna Steward
City: Clay Center
State: Ks
ShelterRescue: T. Russell Reitz Animal Shelter

You can enter to win Charlie’s Birthday Giveaway too!  Thanks to all the great pet product companies that have made this giveaway possible:

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