World’s Best Cat Litter – Does the Product Match Up to the Name?

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TRY WORLD'S BEST CAT LITTER™ FOR FREEA lot of brands like to claim theirs is the best, but they often don’t have a leg to stand on. World’s Best Cat Litter is the real deal, and you can try it out for free to see if it works for you (and your cat, of course) by clicking on the above link.

What makes World’s Best Cat Litter stand out? The big difference is that this brand uses corn and does not contain any silica dust, making it a more natural cat litter. The formula they use also allows the waste to clump up more easily so you can get it in one scoop. The best part is that this corn-based litter is renewable!  Many Floppycats readers have reported their love for World’s Best Cat Litter.

Another great thing about World’s Best Cat Litter is that if you do buy cat litter from them and you’re not satisfied with it, there is a money back guarantee. Because they are so confident in their litter, however, they offer a free bag of World’s Best Cat Litter to get you started with. This means you don’t have to invest a bunch of money into just trying it out. It’s always great to get a free sample of a product before you spend a pay check on it!

Looks like World’s Best Cat Litter has the right idea. Just make sure you jump on this opportunity as soon as possible because it’s only for a limited time.


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  1. honestly — i cannot stand this product. i use Litter Purrfect from Costco — after many many trials and errors with every other product — plus as a pet sitter i find the stuff my clients use is just not good litter. Litter Purrfect is the cheapest i have found — no odor, no dust, and clumps well. prior i used Exquisicat and it was awesome as well but pricy.

      1. What separates ‘Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra’ from the rest. Currently I use Arm & Hammer Multi Cat, which I am not really a fan of. I can’t stand the smell, I have ordered an air purifier, but will your litter brand possibly work better, also I saw your review on “World’s Best Cat Litter” which was very informative. In your opinion which litter is best for smell? (I have three cats.)

      2. I like Dr. Elsey’s – that what we use. Smell has a lot to do with what the cats are eating as well as where you dispose of the waste/how you do. I don’t experience a lot of smell. Dr. Elsey’s is clay litter, whereas WBCL is corn based. There are concerns about both types – so you have to figure out which one is best for you and for your cats. Litter transition periods are important as well. WBCL offers a try me free program – not sure if they have one going on right now or not. If I were you, I would contact the manufacturers, tell them your problems and ask them if they would send you a coupon for a free bag so you can try it out.

  2. Hi, Jenny,

    When I got Pekoe, I tried the World’s Best Cat Litter (in the red bag), as it’d been a long time since I’d had a cat, and the store clerk recommended that brand. I loved the color and the lack of all the dust — althought there was some — but I had a hard time initially with the aroma of the stuff. However, it was the greatest product, as it’d clump hard and not crumble at all lifting which is really important if you like your clumping litter to stay nice and sanitary for a whole month…

    Only, Pekoe would empty about a quarter of the litter on the floor each time she went! Drat! So, I worked really, REALLY hard to switch this 12 y/o over to Tidy Cat’s Breeze Litter System. Finally, success. Now, litter stays put. It’s really wonderful. And there’re no more clumps…

    For sure, though, if I hadn’t been able to switch her, I’d have stayed with the World’s Best Litter… After using it for awhile, it was just the best of what I’d buy a clumping litter for from all the various brands I’d tried. Hands down, Pekoe’s litter stayed nice and clean like the day I first put it down.

    Pekoe & Linda

    1. OH! you’re the first person that i know that uses the Breeze Litter System – would you be willing to do a post about your transition and how you like it? I would love to get something about it on the site because I get questions about it frequently enough.

  3. Well I need to comment here. I was all set to hate this litter because in past years I had always used Fresh Step and never had an odor issue. Of course that stuff is like cement when you try and pry it off the sides plus it is not safe to breathe really. Anyway, we got a kitten and the breeder uses World’s Best so I bought it anticipating I would switch. I actually really like this litter! It smells a little different that the run of the mill litter but the clumping is great and it is totally safe. Only a few pieces ever get dropped on the floor. No dust or tracking issues at all for me. I have tried the lavender, the forest green and the red one for multi cats. I keep it sealed in a plastic container so there are no bug issues as some people have complained about. I do think it is great and more than anything it’s safe for everyone’s lungs. I never have an odor problem which is a huge plus…but I also scoop as soon as my kitten goes.

  4. I’m a huge fan of WBCL. I have tried many other litters – non-clumping (yuck), clay clumping (blah), pellets (no way), and so on and so forth… I’ve found that WBCL clumps urine much better than clay litter, leading to less frequent “whole box” changes.

    I’m not a fan of their scented formulas, though. I use the one in the red bag. I always recommend WBCL to friends and new cat owners.

  5. I use World’s Best Forest Scented, I like but the boys do kick it all over, especially out of the PetsMate Simple Clean litter box. I tried the Red bag first and that smelled awful. I stopped using Fresh Step because it was really hard to find the unscented litter. I usually don’t like scented litter but the Forest Scented is very mild and the kitties seem to like it.

  6. I have used this litter for 17 + years! I love many things about it, but mostly the fact that you can totally not tell that I have cats when you enter my home. I love the fact that it provides a “soft” clump, meaning that it doesn’t dry into cement and it’s easily and cleanly scooped from the box so that you get all of the waste. I have tried all of the different types at one point or another and my favorite is the red bag for multi cat households. Admittedly, if you like a perfumey scent to your litter, this isn’t the product for you. I’d say it has a sort of earthy smell, akin to dried corn cobs. I love that it’s virtually dust free and doesn’t track or leave dusty footprints on my floors. I also like that it’s environmentally friendly.

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