World’s Best Cat Litter™ GiveLitter™ Charitable Initiative

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GiveLitter™ charitable initiativeWell, the generous folks over at World’s Best Cat Litter™ are at it again.

This time their GiveLitter™ Charitable Initiative is collecting votes so that the following three deserving animal rescues that are a part of the part of the No More Homeless Pets® Network will get free litter:

It’s free to vote and you can do it daily. Vote via Facebook  and on the program’s website.

The first time you vote and/or “Like” World’s Best Cat Litter™ on Facebook a pound of litter is donated. Each of your additional votes adds one-tenth of a pound. Voting is free and so is your litter donation! It does not cost anything and every vote counts! At the end of the voting period, the litter will be distributed proportionally according to the total vote count for each shelter.

Voting ends September 16, 2011!


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