WooPet! Window Bird Feeder Unboxing Video

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Window Bird Feeder for Cats?

As you may already be familiar, we have reviewed several of the WooPet! products on the market. When I approached them again to see if they had any other products to review, they mentioned a few that were not out yet and their bird feeder. They didn’t think I would have any interest in the bird feeder, but then I thought about all the indoor cats that would enjoy the entertainment – as one reader said, it would be like LIVE Cat TV! So, lucky for us, they sent us one to review. Please find installation photos and the video below. We just installed it yesterday at my parents’ house. They have a newer home and their windows are newer. The only windows I have that do not have screens on the outside are the original front windows from 1940 – and I am too scared to mess around with 80-year old glass. So Caymus and Murphy will be doing the majority of this product review. Also, my parents live in a neighborhood where there are no outside wandering cats – if there were outside wandering cats, I would think it mean to the birds to do this – as it would make them easy prey. In my neighborhood, there are plenty of wandering cats, as evidenced by the smell of my recycle bin on trash day!

Do you have a bird feeder to entertain your indoor cats? Why or why not?

Window Bird Feeder WooPet Wild Bird Feeder Product Arrival and Installation Video - Floppycats IMG_3838

Window Bird Feeder WooPet Wild Bird Feeder Product Arrival and Installation Video - Floppycats IMG_3835

Window Bird Feeder WooPet Wild Bird Feeder Product Arrival and Installation Video - Floppycats IMG_3837

Window Bird Feeder WooPet Wild Bird Feeder Product Arrival and Installation Video - Floppycats

Buy it on Amazon for $24.49.

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  1. Wonderful unboxing & product installation video, Jenny! The bird feeder looks pretty awesome! (Just hope those suction cups hold their grip! I’m always a bit leery of suction cup products. I haven’t had much luck with them in the past with my windows where I’ve lived. So disappointing.)

    Can’t wait to hear how Caymus & Murphy reactions to watching the birds feed! I know they are going to be fascinated by it! Hope the mess isn’t too much for your mom to clean up, too. (I didn’t even think about bird poop and other small animals who might get into the bird feed, as questioned by some of the other YouTube commenters. Great points!)

    We don’t have any bird feeders since we apartment dwell and there’s a strict no bird feeder policy at our apartment complex because of the number of squirrels that hang out in our courtyards due to the beautiful trees. Lurve to watch the birds, though, and a bird feeder outside would be sooo cool (but I wouldn’t want to have to clean up the bird poop and any messes made from squirrel raids, etc…).

    Excited to learn about the final product review results!

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

  2. Would not work with my Ragdoll Diva. She lives with 2 parrots and my smallest one, a parrotlet, will hide in her fur so he can stay out of his cage. Diva was the backup and came into “service” after Sully, my 16 yr old Cavalier, went to rainbow bridge.

  3. Can’t wait to see the review of this. I’m also kind of skeptical about those suction cups not holding like Patti said. Hope they do though. We have 2 bird feeders outside right below the window, and the girls love watching all the birdies! ♥♥♥

    1. Yes, I understand on the suction cups – I told him about our weather here and not much it can expand and contract from the temps. He was game to give it a go to see how it faired. It might be a longer review, just to make sure. Love the idea of your girls watching the birdies. I used to bring Rags to Petco, and he would watch the birds with me.

      1. Thanks so much for doing that. Your weather in Kansas is much like ours over here in VA. One day it is 60 and then it can change and be 20 and snowing the next. Will be interested to see if it withstands the temp changes. Love what you said about taking Rags to Petco to see the birdies! Know he really enjoyed that. So sweet❤

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