Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier

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You can clean and humidifier your air on kitty power with the latest cat toy! The Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier may be the best cat toy ever as it serves to make the air inside your home cleaner as it rolls along.

Wool Ball Hybrid HumidifierHumidifiers add moisture to the air and this is necessary as it can reduce respiratory and skin problems. The added moisture can help prevent people from getting sore throats and runny noses. This humidifier has a filter which can collect airborne debris such as dust, germs and smoke.

When the Wool Ball Hybrid Humidifier is pushed and made to roll by your Ragdoll cat or any other breed of cat that you may own, it generates it own energy. It can also be plugged in when your pet is not playing with it.

Every home should have at least 2 humidifiers as it is needed for the bedroom and the living room area, especially during winter months. Humidifiers also reduce static electricity, so if you are tired of getting that sudden zap, your solution is to give your pet one of these cat toys. You can clean the air of your home as your pet cat has fun. 

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