Wooden Cat Window Perch

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Wooden Cat Window PerchEvery cat of any breed would want the perfect spot for relaxing, sleeping or taking a plain nap. Aside from having their own cat bed to sleep on, your kitty would probably be also interested in cat perches to relax on and just lounge on.

Simpson Ventures 17101 Wooden Cat Window Perch is a single seat window perch that is typically made out of an excellent finished wood. It has raised edges and plush cushioning that serves as the comfortable resting surface for your cat.

The cushioning is upholstered in neutral soft and uses a durable microfiber suede fabric. It has protective felt pads to prevent your floor from any scratches and possible dents. Such wooden texture adds up a decorative design to your home especially if it is a wood/ancient themed one.

This cat window perch is ideal for any sized cat – it has a wide base for extra stability and hold. Dimensions are: 30" D x 24" H x 21" W.

You can get this Wooden Cat Window Perch for $74.99.

What other cat perches have your cat tried on? Leave us a comment below or join our Ragdoll Cat forum to discuss your Bicolor Ragdoll or other color for more cat discussions.

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