Wireless Pet Camera for Monitoring Your Cat 24/7: Know Your Pet Better with AiDot

AiDot’s Indoor Security Camera offers you extra peace of mind when you’re away from home. It works as a wireless pet camera, allowing you to not only watch your kitty but to receive real-time notifications as they move around your home, and even talk back to them to keep them company from a distance.

wireless pet camera monitor my pet remotely

Let’s take a look at some of the features of this indoor pet camera and why pet owners might want to add it to their homes.

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Wireless Pet Cameras Vs Home Security Cameras

This wireless pet camera is an intelligent camera – it uses technology to recognize when something or someone enters the frame and sends you notifications so that you can check-in in real-time. With a regular home security camera, you’d have to watch all the footage of a day back to find out when your cat was moving around, which is a lot more time-consuming.

Are pet cameras safe aidot cloud service

And where the AiDot camera is so special is in its AI Detection technology, which allows it to tell the difference between humans, pets, packages, and vehicles. Depending on where you set up the wireless pet camera, it can tell you precisely what has entered its view, so you don’t have to keep checking your pet monitor just to find it’s your partner wandering around the house.

AiDot Company History

AiDot is a company that specializes in the research and development and production of small household appliances. They’ve built up a range of smart home products including indoor and outdoor cameras, lightbulbs, and landscape lights, all of which can work together.

Their indoor security camera works great as a cat camera for home if you want to keep tabs on your kitty while at work, or if you’ve had to run an errand that’s taking a while.

Pet Monitor Camera and a WiFi Cloud Service

As well as the indoor security camera which may be one of the best pet cameras due to its clever AI tech, AiDot also offers an 18-month cloud service subscription alongside it.

Are pet cameras safe

The cloud service allows you to track your pet’s data and activity, looking back over where they are spending time in your home. This means you can monitor whether they are acting normally or if there is anything you need to be concerned about if they start acting unusual.

With 18 months of cloud storage, you can check any old notifications to work through footage and see how your cat has been behaving while you’re out of the home.

If you buy just the wireless pet camera without the cloud service, you’ll need to buy an SD card to store footage. 

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Pet Camera for Cats with Two-Way Audio

AiDot’s pet video camera not only has motion detection but also two-way audio. This means that you can listen to what’s happening at home, and also talk back live. If your cat is missing you, you can reassure them – hearing your voice clearly through the wireless pet camera’s speakers could reassure them.

Pet Camera for Cats with Two Way Audio  - wireless pet
Screenshot from the AiDot App

Pet App

The AiDot pet app is available on both the Apple App Store and Android Google Play stores. It’s through the app that you’ll be able to watch live streams of the wireless pet camera, view the data analysis that records habitual behaviors, and receive the rich notifications that tell you when something is happening at home.

Pet Camera and Alexa

The pet camera works with both Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning you don’t even have to touch your phone in order to see what’s happening. Just ask it to show you what’s happening and you’ll get a live view from your wireless pet camera.

Pet Camera and Alexa app screen
Screenshot from the AiDot App

Step by Step – Connecting the Camera

Here’s how you connect the camera to the app when you’re using it for the first time.

  • Download the AiDot app, and sign-in
  • Power on the camera
  • On the app, tap the + button at the top-right. Choose ‘Add Device’ and then ‘Nearby Device’
  • Choose to connect with WiFi, and wait for the app to detect and connect to the camera
  • You’ll get a notification when it’s connected.

If it doesn’t connect the first time, power off the camera and try again. It’s worth noting that the camera only works on a 2.4Ghz WiFi network, but that should be fine with any home WiFi router unless you’ve already got a huge amount of wireless devices.

The camera does contain internal batteries which can be charged using the included Micro USB cable.

Monitoring Abnormal Behavior

Pet Monitor Camera and a WiFi Cloud Service
Screenshot from the AiDot App

One of the smart ways in which the pet camera works is that it allows you to monitor unusual behavior from your cat, and you can do this in a couple of ways.

Firstly, it uses complex data analysis to show you graphs and breakdowns of where your cat is spending their time during the day. You’ll easily be able to see where there are any abnormalities if they’ve decided to avoid a regular spot for example, which could let you know if your cat maybe is feeling under the weather.

Also, because you can set detection zones in your home, you can get much more accurate data. Say your cat loves the sofa – instead of only receiving notifications when your cat enters the living room, you can set a separate zone for the sofa. And then if your cat suddenly stops using the sofa, you’ll know from the data provided, and can find out what’s bothering them.

Footage and Alerts

With AiDot’s security camera, you have the choice of watching live footage whenever you want to, or just responding to alerts and finding out what’s happened recently. You might just want to be kept updated when something has happened, or you might be quite happy watching your kitty doing nothing and being happy.

The camera has a 2K resolution which is better than Full HD, so you’ll always have a clear wide-angle view of everything that’s going on. It even has night vision, with sharp and crisp image quality up to around 16 feet from the camera – plenty for an indoor space. You have the option to focus on either the nearby spaces or further away in the room, depending on where you have the camera set up.

The camera comes with its own mini stand, although it’s designed so that it could also be mounted with a screw if you preferred to have it offer a view from higher angles. It doesn’t pan or tilt, so you’ll want to make sure you have a good angle covering the room.

How Much Does the Pet Cam Cost?

The pet camera, when bought on its own, costs similar to other smart home security cameras even with its advanced AI Detection technology and other features that some smart cameras don’t offer.

However, with AiDot, it’s free because it’s included with the 18-months of cloud service.

Expect to pay around $60 for the camera, but if you buy the 18-month cloud service you get a wireless pet camera included, and there are sometimes offers that mean it’s actually cheaper to pay for the cloud service with the camera than it is to buy the camera on its own.

cameras for cats room data
Screenshot from the AiDot App

If you don’t buy the cloud service, remember to factor in the costs of having to buy a separate SD card for storage as well. You can get one for a low price but it’s something extra you need to buy.


How can I monitor my pet remotely?

Wireless Pet Camera Vs Home Security Cameras

If you want to monitor your pet remotely, a pet camera like that offered by AiDot is probably one of the best solutions. It means that you can check in on the live stream whenever you want to, or just when you get a notification that your cat is moving through your home. You’ll get to make sure that they’re behaving, and see if they seem to be OK in general when you aren’t around. It’s good for reassurance, and with the good audio quality, you can hear as well as see your cat too.

Are there cameras for cats?

The AiDot indoor security camera is one of the better smart cameras for cat owners because it has AI Detection.
Most smart cameras work with motion detection only, but AiDot’s camera can tell you specifically when it’s a pet moving around, distinguishing between pets and humans. It’s not exclusively for cats – these pet cams work just as well as dog cameras too, so whether you own kitties, pups or both this camera could be very useful.

Should I talk to my cat through a camera?

Normally it’s a good idea to talk to your cat through a camera because it allows your kitty to feel reassured when they hear your voice.
However, you’ll want to check their behavior because, in some cats, it could make them more frantic if they can hear you but not see you. Try it, but be careful to avoid confusing your cat if they are upset by not being able to see you when they hear your voice. In most cases, it will just be calming for them.

How do you get rid of separation anxiety in cats?

Using a pet camera to communicate with your cat while you are gone is one way to help deal with separation anxiety. There are other ways you can manage separation anxiety too, including starting with shorter absences to build up your cat’s confidence, offering them a perch to enjoy a view of the outdoors, and diffusers that provide calming aromas to help your cat reduce their stress.

Are pet cameras safe?

Pet cameras are generally safe, provided you follow basic internet security rules. Make sure your WiFi password is complex and not something that a hacker could easily guess, and always update the AiDot smartphone app whenever a new security update is provided. This will make sure that no one can hack into your camera and watch your home.

What do the flashing lights mean on AiDot’s camera?

The camera has a built-in light that tells you the status of the camera:

Solid red – the camera is booting up or resetting
Flashing red – the camera is connected to the WiFi
Solid green – there’s a problem connecting to the cloud or WiFi network
Flashing green – the camera is ready to connect to WiFi and needs a firmware update
Red and green alternating – the camera can’t connect to the cloud

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