Winner of Trigg’s 5th Birthday Giveaway Reports Back

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Diane and her kitties, Eliot and Ivy (Ragdoll and rescue), won Trigg’s 5th Birthday Giveaway in August.

Diane has been kind enough to email me photos of and testimonials of her experience with every product they have received.  Below I have included in one post the various emails and photos she has sent me – love her follow up!  Thank you, Diane!

Here is a quick run down of what they received:

Lollycadoodle Cat Cave from The Cat Connection

Lollycadoodle Cat Cave from The Cat Connection

I have always wanted one of these Lollycadoodle Cat beds from the moment I saw Jenny do a review of them on Floppy Cats. You can imagine how excited I was when I learned I had won one of these beds in Trigg’s 5th Birthday Bonus Giveaway!!

From the moment the packaged arrived, my two cats could not keep from sniffing and pawing at the box.  When the package was finally opened,  both Ivy and Eliot were anxious to explore and climb into the cat cave.  It must be the wool that it’s made from…..both were really attracted to it.  No catnip needed!  Each had their turn at playing and sleeping all curled up in it.  Most of the time they sleep in their cat tree but when a cozy bed is called for… is the Lollycadoodle for sure!  It serves as a great hide and seek place for them also!  I love this bed because it is made from a natural fiber, wool.  Absolutely no concerns about what they are sleeping on or what they are breathing in while they are curled u[ in it!  I also love that the sides can also be turned down on this cat cave to resemble more of a bed than a cave, depending on your cats preference.  The Lollycadoodle cat cave comes in many different beautiful colors for you to choose from.  I definitely recommend trying this cat cave for your kitty!

Yeowww! Catnip Toy Prize Package

Yeowww! Catnip Toy Prize Package

Another wonderful prize given away in Trigg’s Birthday Giveaway was a toy collection from the Yeoww Catnip Toy company! The Yeoww! Catnip Toy Prize Package proves that “variety is the spice of life.”  The many different sizes of these catnip filled toys keep Eliot and Ivy interested and busy in their play routines.  I love how these toys stand up so well to their “bunny kicking” and chewing!  The Yeoww catnip scent seems to last for a really long time.  I have some much older Yeoww cat toys that are still going strong…..kitties still love them.  Yeoww! makes so many different styles of  their toys, infused with their catnip, I’m sure you kitty will fall in love with more than just one!  One of our favorite game to play is run and chase after the ball!

Bird Catcher Pro plus 5 pack Feather Refills

Bird Catcher Pro plus 5 pack Feather Refills

Our two cats love to play “jump and chase” games, so when we opened our set of Pets Can Play Bird Catcher Pro plus the 5-Pack of Super Guinea Fowl Feather Refills, Eliot and Ivy couldn’t wait to get the games started!  They love the bird-like fluttering of the feathers as the toy dives and swoops.  This is a favorite because they can chase it in its flight or as it is dragged across the floor.  As a matter of fact, we host a small colony of ferals in our back yard, and they love to play with this toy, too!  It provides each of them with a fun activity and helps build their confidence and trust in their adopted family.  The Bird Catcher Pro is a wonderful toy in its ability to replicate the flight of real birds.

Petstages Easy Life Scratch Snuggle & Rest

Petstages Easy Life Scratch Snuggle  Rest

Another wonderful prize won in Trigg’s 5th Birthday Bonue Giveaway was a Petstages Easy Life Scratch, Snuggle, and Rest Cat Bowl! As soon as it was unpacked, Eliot immediately jumped into it and settled in, claiming it as his own.  Ivy was allowed a little exploring, but this was clearly going to belong to Eliot.  He loves to claw and cuddle, and this product provides the best of both worlds.  We love it because it encourages scratching in the appropriate places, keeps their nails healthy, and the bowl is perfect for a snuggly rest!  It is light weight, very compact and sturdy, which makes it very easy to move from place to place.  When it is not being used,  the cat bowl can be easily stored under a table or chair.  It also comes with catnip for some extra fun!  The Petstages Scratch, Snuggle and Rest Cat Bowl is a perfect addition to our cat’s scratching and resting needs and I’m sure it will be for your kitty too!

Hauspanther Lynx Felted Wool Cat Toys

Hauspanther Lynx Felted Wool Cat Toys

Another wonderful prize won in Trigg’s 5th Birthday Bonus Giveaway was from Hauspanther. We received a set of three Lynx Felted Wool Cat Toys. Both Eliot and Ivy thoroughly enjoyed them from the time they came out of the package! The double ring design makes them the perfect size for play. They have the option of aggressively batting the toys across the floor or settling down for some quiet “chew time.” I love that these toys are made from 100% wool….no worries about what they are chewing on! The toys come in sets of three and they have many color choices to choose from. The Lynx Wool toys make a great addition to their toy collection. They love them and I think your cat will too!

Litter Lifters

Litter Lifters and Floppycats and Precious Cat LittersThe Litter Lifter’s were one of the many prizes won in Trigg’s 5th Birthday Bonus Giveaway. I received an Original, a Beamer, and a Travel Litter Lifter. They were the first set of prizes to arrive and let me tell you how much I absolutely love, love these litter lifters!!! The first thing I noticed was the way the tines were designed…..they are actually triangled. When you put the scooper into the litter, it just glides through the litter picking up every last piece of soiled litter, leaving behind the clean litter…..amazing! No sifting, no scraping, much less dust and so very easy on the wrist. For anyone, like me, who suffers from arthritis or carpal tunnel, these litter lifters make a huge difference! No strain in the wrist area at all….no kidding! They have three styles of the litter lifters with many colors to choose from. I encourage everyone who scoops litter to try this great product!

Peach Industries Kitty Lounger Mini

Peach Industries Kitty Lounger Mini

We just received our Peach Industries Kitty Lounger Mini, and each of our three fur kids were eager to explore it. Our Maltese, Molly, claimed it first, and because that day was her twelfth birthday, Eliot and Ivy allowed their big sister to have the first turn. Eliot climbed aboard next, and he settled in quickly and comfortably. Ivy is a bit skittish and a little unsure of the new lounger, but we know that she’ll take to it soon, now that she’s seen how her big brother and sister are enjoying it!

The Kitty Lounger Mini is a very nicely made product….a sturdily constructed frame with a stylish and well made hammock. There are many color choices for the hammock. You are sure to fall in love with more than just one color! We were very pleased with the way it was packaged, the ease of assembly, and most of all, how quickly our three charges accepted it as part of their environment. A lovely note of congratulations was also included in the package. Hugs to Trigg for this very welcomed addition to our home. We all love it!

Our kitties are enjoying everything so much that I can not thank you enough!

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Precious Cat LitterAnother wonderful prize I won in Trigg’s 5th Birthday Bonus Giveaway was a 40 lb. bag of Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Precious Cat Litter.  I usually purchase a natural corn based litter for my litter boxes, so needless to say, I was really excited to have a chance to try a clay based litter.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that my cat’s took to the new litter immediately!  Something I was a little nervous about.  The litter clumps very well, there was very little dust when I scooped, or even when they covered, and very little was carried outside of the litter box on their feet!  It was much heavier than the corn based litter I normally use, but not enough to say it was problematic.

No matter what type litter you use, I would highly recommend you give Dr. Elsey’s litter a try.  I noticed that they make several different types of litter.  Variety for all your needs.  I believe you will be very happy with the way it performs.  I will not be hesitant to purchase this litter in the future.

Catty Stacks

Another wonderful prize won in Trigg’s Birthday Bonus Giveaway was a four box set of Catty Stacks.
An idea based on cats love of boxes, the Catty Stacks gave our two cats countless hours of fun as well as a great place to take a long needed nap.  We really appreciate the ease of assembly and sturdy construction.  The cubes can easily be configured to provide cats with the ideal “hide and seek” scenario whether they are playing together or alone.  The solid feel of the cardboard along with the resultant light weight which permits ease of movement from place to place is another wonderful quality of the Catty Stacks.  They come in a variety of colors to match any decor and are sure to be one of your kitty’s favorite place to crouch and pounce. We love our Catty Stacks!

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  1. Patti Johnson says:

    Great reviews, Diane! Congrats on winning this awesome prize package! You and your gorgeous kitties (and one very adorable puppy!) are very lucky!!! So happy that they and you are enjoying all the goodies!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

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