Winner of February 2011 Giveaway: Lupine Collars (Collar and Lead Set)

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Lupine Collars
Lupine Collars

Congratulations to Karen of Madison, WI for winning the February 2011 Giveaway: Lupine Collars (Collar and Lead Set).

Karen decided on the Noble Beast pattern for her blue mitted Ragdoll cat, Mulsanne.

If you didn’t win the Lupine Collars (Collar and Lead Set), but would love for your kitty to have one, you can order them online.

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  1. Mulsanne, the winner of this wonderful Lupine Pet brand collar and harness/leash set is so pleased with his prize, he now insists upon walking the neighborhood every day! He used to escape out the door whenever we opened it, especially when we were taking our dog out for walks, but now he waits for his harness and leash so we can all walk together. Amazing! The collars/harnesses/leashes come in beautiful colors/patterns and are very nice quality. Mulsanne is now about 20 months old and enjoying walks in the summer and has been doing this since April. We’ll see if he likes to go out as much after Fall passes and winter arrives.

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