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by Mable Roberts
(Mansfield, MA, USA)

WillowTreeRags' Hans Donsen, a home-grown Blue Point Bicolor male.

WillowTreeRags’ Hans Donsen, a home-grown Blue Point Bicolor male.

A small cage-less cattery in Southeastern, Massachusetts. We are dedicated to producing large, genetically healthy Ragdolls cats with stunning, floppy and outgoing personalities. Our cats are registered with TICA & CFA. Our kittens come from Regional Winning, Supreme Grand Champion lines. All of our breeding cats are DNA tested for HCM among other things. We breed traditional Ragdolls in Blue and Seal, although we do have Lilac, Chocolate, Flame, and Cream (sometimes available in lynx) in all 3 patterns Colorpoint, Mitted, and Bicolor. We do have experience shipping internationally. All of our kittens and breeders are raised in-home and underfoot. They are properly socialized and given the best care possible. Visit our cattery at: www.willowtreerags.com, and e-mail us with any questions at: WillowTreeRags@verizon.net.

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