Wildside Salmon Treats

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Wildside Salmon Treats

Wildside Salmon Treats are freeze dried perfectly natural gourmet cat treats and some of the best cat treats that you will come across. They are the cat fish treats made of pure, natural Wild Alaskan Salmon.

They come in a 3 oz. bag that will last you a long time, probably around a month, depending on your frequency of using cat treats.

Probably the only downside as far as a human is concerned is the smell of the treats when you first open the bag. If you are not a fish lover, the smell is very potent and somewhat offensive to some people. But that just means that it is all the more attractive to a cat! Cats are highly attracted to potent smells. Older cats in particular love potent smells and will be more inclined to take a treat if it has a more powerful smell.

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Some cats will take longer to eat the treats at first. If your cat has not had a freeze dried treat before, they will find the texture unusual and might not be as inclined to eat it right away. They will probably play with the first treat for awhile, putting their teeth into and batting it around until they take the final plunge and bite through the treat and eat it. However, once they consume the first treat, they will not be as hesitant with the second, third and so on.

Wildside Alaskan Salmon Cat Treats:

  • Crude Protein: 85% minimum
  • Crude Fiber: 1% maximum
  • Crude Fat: 4% minimum
  • Moisture: 3% maximum
  • Ash Content: 4.5% maximum

Ingredients: 100% Raw, Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon

These treats are great for training because they come in a re-sealable bag, they are dry and clean (they do not leave a residue on your fingertips!).

Below are videos of Floppycats.com’s Caymus trying Wildside Salmon Treats for the first time!

Caymus, a 5-year old Ragdoll cat, eating Wildside Salmon Treats

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