Wildside Lobster

Post Published on February 20, 2010 | Last Updated on February 20, 2010 by Jenny

Wildside Lobster Treats are freeze dried lobster treats for your cat.

They are a delectable combination of Lobster claw and Alaskan Pollock pureé.

They come in a special gift box printed with a label that is printed with gold foil. On the inside of the box are two packages of the WildsideLobster treats. They come in either 20 gram size or 40 gram size.

As with the Wildside Salmon the only real downside of these treats is the smell when you first open the bag. It is very pungent for a human, but no doubt delectable smelling for your feline! So, it really isn’t a downside unless the feline owner has an allergy or dislike of fish.

Because of the pungent smell, there is no doubt that older kitties that need very strong smelling food in order to be attracted to it, would adore WildsideLobster Treats.

As with the Wildside Salmon Treats, some kitties will take longer to eat the treats, especially if your kitty has not experienced a freeze dried treat before. The texture is unusual to them, and they will lick it first and bite it a bit, then finally eat it.

WildsideLobster is a limited edition treat. Therefore, you will want to BUY Wildside Treats soon.

WildsideLobster Treats are an excellent gift for cat people, since their cat will love them. Watch the video below of Floppycats.com’s Charlie enjoying Wildside Lobster and Wildside Salmon.

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