Why Rubydee and Sassy Need Some RedMoon Pet Food

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Floppy CatsAlthough Rubydee and Sassy are not Ragdolls cats, they certainly are floppy cats (much of the time). Sassy is 14. Her "little sister", Rubydee is 4. Sassy is a laid-back kitty. She can sleep anywhere, anytime. Rubydee is "wired" – alert and vigilant and always ready to play. She can go from snuggly to ankle-biting terror in no time flat! Sassy loves all kinds of food and if she were a person, she would be a gourmand. That’s why she needs to try RedMoon. She’s never met a food that she doesn’t love. Rubydee is very picky. No "people food" for her! But, she is also selective about kitty food, especially dry food. She needs some RedMoon because 1) red is her favorite color (she is RUBYdee, after all!), 2) she loves to interact with her dry food and the more it makes noise or rolls on the floor, the better, and 3) a new food may pique her interest in chowing down. Sassy and Rubydee would both enjoy winning. Sassy might even roll over if she hears that she has won!

Kitty’s Name: Rubydee and Sassy
Name: Sue Smith
Where: Barneveld, NY

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