Furry Finances: Why Pet Insurance Is Worth Your Money and the Pitfalls to Look Out for When Choosing a Policy

Cat owners frequently ponder the decision of whether to get pet insurance, and it’s no surprise that most are leaning toward taking out a policy. Why? Well, pet insurance offers more than just financial security; it provides peace of mind, which is priceless when it comes to ensuring our fur babies’ health and well-being.

With the rising cost of veterinary care and unexpected medical expenses, having pet insurance can be a lifeline, allowing you to make the best decisions for your cat’s health without worrying about the financial burden. It’s a safety net that lets you focus on providing the best care possible for your feline companions.

The Unexpected

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Managing the costs of our cat’s treatments can sometimes feel like a daunting task, but that’s where pet insurance shines as an invaluable resource. Let’s explore some real-life examples of how pet insurance has come to the rescue for cat owners, making it easier to navigate those unexpected expenses that can arise in the journey of caring for our beloved feline companions. With pet insurance by your side, you can rest assured that your feline friend’s health is in good hands, without breaking the bank.

Handle Emergencies

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One of the main reasons for pet insurance is to handle emergencies – unexpected costs that you can’t otherwise afford. Many pet owners have seen five-figure bills covered by their policy.

Cover Ongoing Costs

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Some conditions your cat picks up may require ongoing care, which most pet insurance policies would cover, as long as they weren’t pre-existing before the policy was bought.

Dental Treatments

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Cats sometimes need dental treatment, and it isn’t cheap. Having insurance to cover the hundreds of dollars for dental work can be a real lifesaver for owners.

Extra Time

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Sadly when your cat gets closer to the end of their life, they may need increasing medical assistance. Insurance means these costs can be covered, and you can enjoy more time with your precious pet.

End of Life Care

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Pet insurance can help you ensure your cat is given the treatments needed to keep them comfortable, even when you get into the stages of palliative care, so you know you’ve done everything possible to look after your kitty right up to the end.

Type of Insurance

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You can buy different types of pet insurance policies. When choosing your provider, check whether you’re covering your pet for accidents only or for comprehensive cover, and how long for.

Optional Extras

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Some pet insurance policies offer optional extras that you may wish to bolt onto your policy, including emergency medical cover abroad and alternative treatments.

Other Useful Benefits

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Beyond the typical extras, some pet insurance policies also offer benefits such as funds for advertising if you lose your pet and liability insurance. However, this tends to be more common for dogs that may injure another person or animal.

Self-Insuring Option

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Some people don’t like insurance and prefer to “self-insure” – setting aside their money into a savings account to cover pet costs. This can be cost-effective, but if you need a large sum in the first year or two, you may not have saved enough to cover the bill.

Percentage Cover

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Check any insurance policy you buy for your pet, as the percentage they pay out can vary. Many happy pet owners have told stories of getting 90% of fees covered, leaving a nominal excess cost for the owner to pay.


16-year old Seal mitted ragdoll cat with a blaze Murphy in oxygen cage at mission med vet
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Some pet insurance companies will have specific exclusions. You must be aware of these because you may still need financial help if your cat suffers from a condition that isn’t covered.

Peace of Mind

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What is the most common reason pet owners give for taking out pet insurance? Peace of mind – owners love to know that if something goes wrong for their kitty, then funds are available to help.

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