Why Do Cats Like Making the Bed?

As any cat owner out there has found out, cats are extremely interested in very simple things, such as boxes, shoes, strings, paper rollouts, and, among the many others, making the bed. Every time you want to change your sheets, your cat simply knows and it appears as if from nowhere to chase your sheets and pillowcases.

All of sudden, your bed is a playground and your kitty that was in deep sleep just moments ago is bouncing up and about. We all know it, we’ve all seen it, we’ve all enjoyed it, but still, why does it happen? Why do cats love making the bed so much anyway?

making a bed with ragdoll cats

Making the Bed – The Ultimate Calling for Your Kitty

To get to the bottom of this, let’s analyze our moves. When we make the bed, we typically begin by taking out the old sheets, right? Well, this makes a sound that is a trigger for your cat. There is no hidden meaning or a calling to its instincts from its large feline ancestors.

making a bed with ragdoll cats around charlie

This is a sound that means great fun for your cat. It’s also one that it does not hear every day, so it is bound to make an immediate impression. It’s enough to get your kitty to come from wherever it is straight into your bedroom.

Then, we take out the new sheets and spread them over the bed. This is extremely interesting to your cat in so many ways. Some cats see a good place to hide and run right under the sheet as it falls on the bed.

Other cats are more interested in the other side and see a steep hill to climb and they jump right on it. Other cats see something that they simply have to catch and jump for it.

making a bed with ragdoll cats around ragdoll cat charlie

And the secret to the bed-making magic is that once it starts, the excitement only gets bigger. All it takes is that first jump onto or under the sheet, depending on your cat’s preferences, to unleash the ultimate fighter inside it.

Your cat is going to get a huge energy rush, which will set it right into deep play mode. So, naturally, it will want more!

You can continue with pillowcases, sheets, or anything else you may want to lay on your bed and your cat will seize every opportunity and play with everything you use.

The bed-making ritual is different in each household. If you want to see what it looks like for us, then take a look at the video below. We hope you enjoy it just as much as we did making it!

Ragdoll in the sheets

Your Bed Is a Wonderland

Cats love exploring new places, so when you move the sheet around, you are actively creating a new space for them to play in. Whether they are under the sheet and enjoying the tunnel you’ve created for them or they are running up and about on the sheet trying to catch every raised corner, they are having the time of their lives.

making a bed with ragdoll cats around trigg

The downside of moving the playground into your bed is that you might get some holes in your sheets if things get really exciting.

In fact, if you are using expensive sheets or some that have sentimental value, you should probably close the door and make sure that your cat is not in the room when you lay them on the bed. Once they are all set, they immediately become uninteresting to your cat, so they are not at risk anymore.

Join in on the Fun! Play with Your Cat!

Since your cat loves making the bed with you so much, then you should embrace it. It is an excellent opportunity for you to score some playtime with your cat. It is also a very engaging way for your cat to get some exercise. If your kitty responds well to this, then you can turn it into a ritual.

making a bed with ragdoll cats around charlie 2

This doesn’t mean that you have to put in new sheets every single day from now on. You can just lift up the bed sheet to get things started and then use a pillowcase to play with your cat. It can be your quality time with your cat that also keeps it healthy and that keeps your bed neat and tidy. It’s a win-win situation.

You can even throw in some cat toys. Use strings and balls and other toys that your cat enjoys. Given the huge excitement it is experiencing when making the bed with you, it is also bound to be more interested in playing with the toys.

More Cats, More Fun

If you have two or more cats, the bed-making ritual is about to become a group activity. The appeal of making the bed is going to be there for each of the cats and once they’re on the bed, chasing those sheets, something else comes into play – their competitive nature.

Each of your cats will want to catch those sheets and pillowcases themselves, so having competition is going to make it even more interesting to them and extremely adorable for you to see.

One cat may want to be under the sheet and the other will see it as something to catch, so chances are it is going to jump on it. Naturally, the cat under the sheet will make a run for it, making the other one chase it all over the bed. Sounds familiar, right?

making a bed with ragdoll cats around charlie 2

Also, if another human member of your family wants to join in on the fun, your cat will be equally interested to play. The two humans – one cat combo also means more sheets flying around for the cat and that much more fun! It’s the more the merrier when it comes to making the bed with cats.|

How is it for you to make the bed with your cats? Does your kitty enjoy chasing your sheets and pillowcases? We’re very excited to hear all about your stories in the comments section below.


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  1. I’m glad to see it’s not just my cat! And here I thought the appeal was something new to shed on. I do wonder if part of the enjoyment is that this new mysterious sheet doesn’t smell like them… Yet.

    I’m writing this from on top a newly cleaned, very furry, bedsheet. 😀

  2. Kathryn Hardy says:

    Thanks for the fun post about making the bed. Dickens and Purrcival both help me with making the bed and it takes much longer doing it with their help, but is so much more fun! Sometimes Dickens helps turn it down at night, too. We have a blanket with birds printed on it and Dickens loves to pounce on the birds. They both also like the duvet covers. The winter one has a pine and holly pattern that they both pounce on, and the summer one has a paisley pattern that is the best for pouncing on and sliding around on those furry paws. And it’s even more fun if we add ping pong balls or those little plastic springs that bounce so well. 🙂

    I’m feeling kind of dumb this afternoon, tho, because I can’t figure out how to watch the video. I don’t see the link on the blog. When I click on the pictures, they all enlarge in a new tab, but that’s it. Where exactly is the link in the blog? Thanks!

      1. Kathryn Hardy says:

        Aha! Thank you! I’m at work, like I was yesterday, and there is an ad blocker on my browser. But I can get to YouTube. 🙂 Ragdoll kitties are just the thing to beat the after lunch slump. The video is really cute! And both of our boys like to go under the sheets just like Charlie. Sometimes I put the blanket on too and pretty soon whoever is under the sheet comes slinking out the top to pounce on those birdies I mentioned earlier.

  3. SUCH AN INCREDIBLY FUN POST, PICS & VIDEO, Jenny honey! We go through the same routine with Miss PSB! Our Ragdolls make the bed-making process so much fun! You can’t help but just lurve them for their “help.” 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love & purrs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks, Patti – got the idea the other day when I was getting ready to make my bed

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